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Smack My Bottom, live performance of The Wet Spots (2008).

Christina Aguilera's provocative, fetish-packed video for Not Myself Tonight.

The following is a list of songs with a reference to spanking.

List of songs[edit]

There is also a classical music composition named Spanking Rodger (scores, midi), by the Reverend John Nuttall.

Other songs[edit]

Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman play with a riding crop in Somethin' Stupid.

Some other songs touch the subject in a wider sense, such as songs with BDSM themes:

Other music[edit]

  • "Spanking Hour" (album by heavy metal, hard rock and progressive metal band Freak Kitchen, 1996)

Humorous spanking songs[edit]

In spanking fiction and occasionally in real life, a spanker may sing a song about the spanking they are giving. This light-heartedness can serve to amuse, or to humiliate the spankee. Often, such a song takes the form of a spanking parody in which the lyrics of a well-known song, such as a children's song, are modified to something spanking-related. Such a spanking song can be improvised or practised, and can be sung to the rhythm of the spanking. A spanking style such as the bongo position, in which two-handed spanking is much like drumming, can add to the picture of "music making".

An example, used in F/M spanking, is the song "Over My Knee". It is sung to the tune of the alphabet song. The lyrics are: " I have you over my knee. You were so bad today. Now I'm gonna make you pay. You had better behave, young man. Or your fanny I will tan!"

Other examples of such song parodies are found in the graphic novel Jade growing up again.

See also[edit]

Music video of "Little Mary Sunshine" from the play Reefer Madness: The Musical.