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The Power of Theatrical Madness (2012); the spanking starts at 01:05

Spanking in performing arts is rare, compared to Spanking in mainstream films.

Well-known musicals and plays[edit]

There is a famous example of an on-stage spanking in the 1948 musical Kiss Me, Kate, and a short OTK spanking scene in the 1997 musical Dance of the Vampires (based in the 1967 film The Fearless Vampire Killers). There is a brief paddling (off-stage in some settings and in the 1982 movie version) in the 1977 musical Annie. There is a threat of a whipping in the opening scene of Arthur Miller's 1953 play The Crucible. Some settings of the musical Annie features spankings. Larry Shue's play The Nerd often features a spanking.


Spanking in a German play (1968).

Plays with fetish themes are occasionally produced in the United Kingdom, where there is less censorship than on public access television (where adult themes and nudity is still frowned on). One example is the schlockomedy (comedy musical) Restart by the North of England's Komedy Kollective, an anarchistically left-of-centre satirical singalong stageplay about international politics and the "War On Terror". In Dario Fo meets Rocky Horror style, it features a jobcentre dungeon scene, where unemployed people suspected of fraudulently claiming benefits, participate in Manchester's first ever "speed torture" event. A memorable scene in the play features a gimp-masked dominatrix forcing confessions out of the claimants via do-it-yourself spanking, self-flagellation, and other self-inflicted tortures.

  • Molière's farce Le Médecin Malgré Lui from 1666 contains an M/F spanking scene, so this play is where spanking is often seen in theatre.
  • Thomas Shadwell's play The Virtuoso (1676) includes an old libertine named Snarl who entreats a prostitute, Mrs Figgup, to bring out the birch rods. It is unclear if he is to flog her or be flogged.
  • Kenneth Tynan's play Oh! Calcutta! (1969) includes at least two segments with sadomasochistic themes. One of them, set in a fantasy of an English girls public school, invites the audience to vote on which of four "girls" is beaten at the end.
  • This or That! (New York, January 1995) - live burlesque game show with spanking penalties (video)
  • Reefer Madness: The Musical (1998) is a parody of the 1936 exploitation film. In the song "Little Mary Sunshine", marijuana transforms the innocent Mary into a whip-cracking dominatrix who whips or belt-spanks her male co-star (depending on the staging). This was made into a Showtime made-for-cable film in 2005.
  • In 2014 British retro singing group The Three Belles created a musical comedy revue directly inspired by the risque letters published in London Life called "London Life, The True Story of the Secret Kinks of World War Two". Campy promotional photos for the revue feature the girls dressed in 1940s costumes dominating and spanking each other and wearing a ball-gag.
  • Permission (2015) is an off-Broadway sex comedy by Robert Askins about the relationship between evangelical Christianity and sadomasochistic desire. The story follows two couples who are practitioners of Christian Domestic Discipline (or CDD) which allows husbands to spank their wives when they misbehave. (See review.)

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Stage show at the Sleazy Cheezy nightclub in Edinburgh, Scotland (2006).
Poster for "Les Pervertis", Grand Guignol Theater, Paris 1920.