Spanking in movie posters

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Spanking in movie posters often, but not necessarily means that the film also features a spanking scene. Spanking has long been known to be an attention getter and help sell a product (see also spanking in advertisement and mainstream products). It is a common practice to show posed scenes on movie posters that never actually occur in the film.


Below are examples of spanking in movie posters where there is no spanking in the film, or where it is not known or questionable.

  • 1930: Paramount on Parade - promo poster of Helen Kane (born 1904) as a teacher spanking Mitzi Green (born 1920, aged 10) as a schoolgirl (F/f) — Poster.
  • 1933: Ducky, Dear — (M/F) — Poster
  • 1974: Mistress Pamela — Julian Barnes spanking Ann Michelle (born 1952, aged 22) OTK (M/F) — Poster

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