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Spanking in literature includes fiction and non-fiction, and is found in literature throughout the ages. Traditional publication formats are books and magazines, more recent publication formats include e-books and publication on the World Wide Web.

Spanking in non-fiction[edit]

The subject of spanking is found in non-fiction such as biographies, works on the history of education, on parenting, and on judicial punishment. It is found in books and other formats such as parenting magazines, newspaper reports etc.

Occasionally, spanking art is the subject of non-fiction literature. Examples of this are Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv, The Art of Spanking and the Spanking Art wiki.

Spanking in fiction[edit]

Spanking in mainstream fiction[edit]

Spanking gets occasional mention in mainstream fiction such as novels and children's literature. Typically these do not go into too great detail, but have a high impact due to their wide publication.

Examples of spanking in mainstream literature:

Spanking in non-mainstream fiction[edit]

There are also literature genres that really concentrate on spanking and can therefore be called spanking literature. These are mainly spanking stories and their big siblings, spanking novels. They can be published e.g. as spanking books and spanking e-books. Spanking literature also includes spanking comics, spanking manga and spanking magazines. The first "golden age" of spanking novels and novellas was in late-19th and early 20th century French spanking literature.

Today, a lot of spanking literature is available for free on the Internet. But it is still also sold commercially, for example in spanking product shops.

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