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Custom animation from The Sims 2.

Through the long history of computer and video games, game-makers have included controversial elements in their games. While the range of controversial material has ranged from sexual to violent, some controversial and even mainstream computer and video games also include spanking animations. There are also numerous instances of spanking in Adult Interactive Fiction text based games. This article has a list of spankings in computer and video games.

List of spankings in computer and video games[edit]

Ad for Nintendo game "We Dare" (2011).

List sorted alphabetically:

  • Backyard Wrestling 2, one of the created female wrestlers says "Ooh, somebody needs a spanking."
  • In Codename: Kids Next Door Operation V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E. two of the missions are based around a spanking vampire named Count Spankulot. The missions are named S.P.A.N.K.-H.A.P.P.Y. and S.P.A.N.K.A.R.I.F.I.C.
  • In one of the Playstation 2 entries in the Crash Bandicoot series, Crash is spanked by Dr. Neo Cortex. (clip)
  • Custom Robo (GC). Early on in the game you fight with a character called Eliza. Before your battle with her she will say: "Ha, ha, ha, ha. So much anger for a such a nice young boy. Looks like you need a spanking! Oh, don’t cry about it. After my lesson, you’ll find you have many better reasons to cry."
  • In Dungeon Keeper you can have Mistresses, who like to be whipped in Torture Chamber. If you spank her, she will like it and bend over for more, thought too much spanking can kill her.
  • Final Fantasy VIII is an RPG for Sony Playstation. There is a short spanking scene, a mother spanking her son for trying to take money from the main character. She scolds him, then bends him over and whacks his bottom twice, and he cries, "WAAAAH!" Later, he and his siblings/friends talk about grabbing the badguy and giving him a great big spanking.
  • Final Fantasy XI. See this link for a clip.
  • Final Fantasy XIV. Halfway through the Shadowbringers expansion, if you reply sarcastically to Y'Shtola's concern at the Crystarium, she threatens to put you over her knee. This gag would carry on in further patches with Y'Shtola threatening to punish you whenever you attempt to sass her.
  • God Hand (Playstation 2) allows the player to OTK spank non-player characters. This short film advertising the "God Hand" videogame shows a live action dramatization of the in game spanking. Further information about this game can be found here.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV features a talk show called "Intelligent Agenda" on PLR, an in-game radio station, with a candidate for governer and an eleven year old child prodigy among the guests. The show ends with the former giving the latter an audible spanking.
    • The game opens with a man tied to his bunkbead, wearing erotic leather clothing and being whipped by an asian woman.
    • In the second random encounter with a creepy serial killer, Niko is asked if he likes to spanked.
  • Leisure Suit Larry has a spanking scene that can be viewed at here.
  • Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail is not only a movie but also a PC game based on it. It contains a game "Spank the Virgin" in which the player must spank female characters.
  • Outlaw Golf is a golf game for the XBox. The golf game features a system where you can improve your game by spanking your sexy stripper-like caddies when you earn enough tokens.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, when Mario and his companions visit the Glitz Pit and see the current champion, Rawk Hawk, defeating an enemy, he claims "Practice more next time you fight Uncle Rawk, you'll get another world-class spanking and sent home to your mamma!"
  • Persona I Other RPG Quotes: "Maggie's so evil! She deserves a spanking!" -Mary
  • Resident Evil: Village (2021), the player can choose a flyswatter weapon to spank Lady Dimitrescu during a fight sequence (YouTube video).
  • Riviera: The Promised Land (Gameboy Advance; RPG) contains a threatened spanking during the second chapter. A female vampire informs the archer girl Lina that if she's going to steal from her, she should be ready for a spanking. The player has the option of responding "You're on your own, Lina!" (losing 2 Trust and 1 Mood points) or "You're too old for that" (no change). However, regardless of choice, no spanking takes place: only the dialogue is affected. Notably, if the second option is chosen, Lina's sister Fia suggests it might be good for her.
  • In the Playstation 2 game Shadow Hearts from the New World, Hilda Valentine states "Well, it looks like it's time for a spanking" after Johnny transforms and turns temporarily evil.
  • Shining in the Darkness is a video game for the Sega Genesis. This is the prequel to the Shining Force series of RPGs (system ?) noted for their cartoon-like animated style. The F/f spanking sequence takes place roughly half way through the game, during an intermission in the game play. Pyra Myst, an elf girl who is the player's companion, encounters her mother at the tavern. Mrs. Myst is upset at Pyra because she has run away to go adventuring with the player. She grabs her daughter, holds her bent over in one arm, and begins spanking her. Mrs. Myst asks the player a question (insert question here). If the answer is yes, she sets Pyra down and the game continues. If the answer is no, she spanks Pyra repeatedly until the player finally answers in the affirmative. No reference is made to this scene throughout the rest of the game. (not-so-still)
  • Smackdown vs. Raw
  • Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 (smackdown vs raw torrie spanking trish)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is an RPG for the XBox and PC. If you create a female character in the begining of the game, you can become romantically involved with a character named Carth. If you choose to use flirting dialogue on Carth in a certain part of the game, Carth threatens to put you over his knee.

A humiliating spanking is part of the action in this fight scene.
  • In Tales of Symphonia an RPG for the GameCube, there's a short F/m scene near the beginning. The elf girl Raine, a schoolteacher, gives her younger brother (and the game's black mage) Genis a spanking for ducking out of class and entering a temple infested with monsters. She gives him at least two whacks and then turns to Lloyd (the player's main character) and says "You're next!" However, instead of giving Lloyd a spanking, she drop-kicks him. (clip)
  • In the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, Warlocks can summon a pet called a succbus. The succubus is a sexy demon that seduces creatures for crowd control. Every few seconds or so, the succubus spanks herself on the behind.
  • We Dare is a Ubisoft Nintendo Wii game that consists of a number of minigames intended to involve couples in high-school-style sexualized shenanigans. The TV ad features two couples spanking, stripping, and making out with the Wiimote. The planned 2011 release in the U.K. and the U.S. was halted due to controversy over the ad campaign.
  • In WWE Attitude for the Playstation, a created female voice option says, "I see your blisters have all popped, come here for another spanking," "I'm the discipline your mother should have been," "When I whip you ...", and another one in which she mentions spanking.
Oshiritataki: while few modern anime games deal exclusively in spanking scenarios, many dabble in fetishistic corporal imagery.

Spanking in Flash games[edit]

Some games which you can play online in your web browser, usually Flash based, involve spanking too. See Spanking in Flash games for a list.

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