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Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #185
An M/m bare-bottomed OTK spanking scene from the Fantasy comic Thorgal.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #176
The same in French (more context).

Comics in the first half of the 20th century featured a lot of humorous spanking scenes as these were extremely popular both among children and adult readers. The 1920s to 1970s can be called the "golden age of spanking in comics".

Some comics had hardly any stories that did not contain, (or often, end with) a panel that showed a spanking. Amongst the best known and longest running examples were The Katzenjammer Kids. Usually the spankees in these comics were actually the heroes of the comic, the respective child protagonists who got more or less regularly spanked for their pranks by their parents or guardians (Buster Brown, Little Iodine). Other comics featured no spankings of the protagonists but occasionally of minor characters (Nemo in Slumberland, Popeye (example)).

The Formative Years (1896-1918)[edit]

Main article: Spanking in comics 1896-1918

Introduction - Rudolph Dirk's The Katzenjammer Kids - Richard F. Outcault's Buster Brown - Gender Stereotypes - Cinematic Influences - Female Protagonists.

"The first important newspaper strip to feature regular spanking imagery was Rudolph Dirks' The Katzenjammer Kids (King Features, 1897). Dirks' storylines set the title characters, Hans and Fritz, against various beleaguered adults incapable of curbing their wilful misconduct..."

Interwar Years (1919-1938)[edit]

Main article: Spanking in comics 1919-1938

Introduction - The New Woman - Angels and Orphans - Brats and Moppets - Daring Exploits! - Overview.

It may be argued that the interwar decades marked the evolution of modern comic spanking imagery. It was during this period that the distinction between generational spanking (adult vs child) and gendered spanking (Man vs Woman) became more clearly defined.

The Golden Age (1938-1970)[edit]

Corporal punishment in Superboy comics from the 1960s.

Spanking in Superbaby, Lois Lane, and Supergirl comics.

DC Comics Spanking Video #3.
Main article: Spanking in comics 1938-1970

Introduction - Dell Publications - Superheroes - Social Barometers - Spanking By Proxy - Buy Bonds - Young Romance - The Harvey Girls - The Comics Code (1) - Superheroes Return! - The Sixties - Overview.

The so-called "golden age of spanking" coincides closely with the rise of comics as a mass industry, signaled by the debut of Action Comics number one in June, 1938. By the end of the thirties, spanking was a well established tradition within the comics milleau...

The Decline (1970-1990)[edit]

Main article: Spanking in comics 1970-1990

Sexual Revolution – The Comics Code (2) – Feminism – Political Corrections – Adult Themes – Mass Extinctions.

In a similar way to what happened to the spanking cartoon, spanking imagery began to vanish from mainstream comics during the 1970s and 1980s. This apparent decline may be attributed to a number of far reaching social and cultural changes which took place at the beginning of the seventies ...

The Renaissance (1990-2007)[edit]

The Phantom spanks again (2000).
Main article: Spanking in comics 1990-2007

The Internet - Egroups - Literary Influences - Artists' Collectives - Fetishism - Nostalgia - Ebay - Youtube - Overview.

Following the digital revolution of the 1990s, modern contemporary artists have begun to create a new genre of spanking comics, i.e. comics that are as tightly focused on the spanking theme as spanking stories are...

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Web groups[edit]

Recently discovered S&M comics by Superman artist Joe Shuster.
  • BritishComicPunishment - This Yahoo! group has been set up for the distribution and possibly the discussion of corporal punishment scenes as depicted in the classic British comics of the past - comics such as Beano, Buster, Dandy, and Whizzer and Chips.
  • SpankingComics - This Yahoo! group includes images and promotes general discussion of of comics and cartoons from mainstream sources with a spanking theme (Male/Female no children please).
  • Miho Chan Egroup: An MSN group dedicated to an imaginary 60s magic girl character, Kagaya Hime Miho Chan.
  • Red Hot Comics: An MSN group not exclusively spanking oriented, but features an album full of spanking imagery from American comics of the golden age. Worth a visit if only for nostagia purposes. Contributions always welcome.