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Custom animation from The Sims 2 game.

Spanking in animation is as old as animation itself.

Many of the first technical devices for animation which were invented in the 19th century were based on the principle of cyclic animation. This means, a series of still images, so-called frames, was repeated in a cyclic sequence, which resulted in the illusion of perpetual repetitive motion. A girl rope-skipping, or a blacksmith hammering, for example, were popular motion types for cyclic animation.

And so was spanking. The repetitive motion made it perfect for cyclic animation, and its great humoristic potential inspired the pioneers of animation from the beginning. This resulted in various simple vintage spanking animations from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. These were the first spanking animations.

Spanking in animated cartoons[edit]

Spanking in other forms of animation[edit]

These include non-cartoonish animations, computer generated animations of more non-cartoonish characters, and animated scenes in computer and video games.

While there is no spanking scene in the web series RWBY, it is suggested by Glynda Goodwitch who whips her desk with a riding crop called 'the disciplinarian'.