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Final Fantasy 10 - Stills - Shiva-Yuna, artwork by RobM.

Spanking fan fiction is fan fiction in which a spanking plot or situation is a major focus. Common works seen in spanking fan fiction include Harry Potter, The Magnificant Seven, Star Trek, and The Lord of the Rings.

The Harry Potter characters getting spanked for violations of Hogwarts school rules are quite common. (The fact that the Harry Potter series is loosely based on the genre of English school stories, which often included corporal punishment scenes, makes this setting particuarly tempting.)


Some critics claim that fan fiction writers stray far from established characters' personalities in spanking fan fiction. For example, dominant characters are suddenly portrayed as submissive and vice versa.

Spanking fan art[edit]

While fan fiction usually refers to stories, fan art means the same in visual media.

For many examples of spanking fan art, see the galleries on Anime OTK or see the artwork of Barbossasdaughter here in the wiki.