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Whipping implements. The loose garment was worn by females to be birched or flogged.

Spanking clothing is punishment outfit that is designed for spanking, especially for erotic spanking and spanking roleplay. Normally it refers to the clothing of the spankee, not to that of the spanker.

In the 19th century, females to be birched or flogged would sometimes be made to wear a chemise-like garment for their punishment. The purpose of the garment was to provide a certain modesty compared to full nudity (it covered the breasts), but at the same time to permit unobstructed access to the delinquent's buttocks without the hassle of pinning up her skirts. The punishment chemise was cut more or less like a modern undershirt, but in those days it was a special garment, embarassingly shorter in length than the chemises, smocks and shift dresses women usually wore as undergarments which came down at least to the mid-thigh.

Specially made items of clothing for spanking include pants, shorts, skirts etc. that provide access to the wearer's bottom. They are mentioned in some fictional spanking stories, but are also sometimes made and worn in real life as spanko fetish clothing. The spank skirt is an example of these.

"Regular" clothing[edit]

School uniforms[edit]

Young woman in schoolgirl fetish costume.
This special spanking skirt simplifies the spanker's effort.
An adult child recreating his old summer term boys' school uniform.

School uniforms are popular for "schoolgirl" scenes. Especially in the U.K. and in Japan, there are many fans of such schoolgirl costumes, typically consisting of a pleated short skirt (plain or tartan), white stockings, shiny shoes, a blouse and sometimes a tie. You can find these kind of outfits in a lot of manga and anime. An alternative to stockings in girl's school uniforms are socks or tights.

Boy's uniforms will vary depending on setting but will tend to be grey or blue. Western boy's uniforms will normally consist of shorts, a polo shirt and sandals for summer; heavy shorts, knee-high socks and leather shoes, possible long sleeve shirt for winter. More upscale schools will probably require a tie. Japanese boy's uniforms will often be a sailor suit that is similar to the girl's uniforms, but with shorts instead of a skirt.

Child-like clothing[edit]

For ageplay, besides school uniforms, also other types of "child-like" clothing are popular, i.e. clothing that is, or was at some point of time, typically worn by children (sized up to be worn by adults). This includes, for example, short dresses and skirts for girls, shorts for boys, and clothing with child-like designs.


The Bad Bunny Punishment Suit, drawing by Julian Guile.

Spankophiles seem to often have a preference for "traditional" or "old-fashioned" white cotton underwear. Ageplayers also like child-like underwear in modern designs.

For adult M/F and F/F erotic spanking, lingerie is also popular.

For historic roleplaying, some people like to wear Victorian type of drawers (which were made of white non-elastic fabric and therefore had to be tied with buttons and bands, and was often equipped with an opening slit that allowed access to the buttocks without untying the garment, see open drawers).

Drop-seat long johns are another type of "vintage" underwear that appeal to some spankophiles because they come with a flap on the seat that can be unbuttoned, allowing access to the bare bottom without taking the long johns down.


Nightwear is popular clothing for spanking because it a) looks cute and "innocent", b) allows baring the bottom very easily.

Drop-seat pajamas (often called Dr Dentons) are popular for the same reason as drop-seat long johns. Modern pajamas with an elastic waistband, like modern underwear, can be taken down for a bare bottom spanking without having to undo any buttons or to open any zippers. Nightgowns, babydolls, nighties etc can be simply pushed up or flipped over like a skirt or dress.


Swimwear, for one thing, provides minimal spanking protection as it is only one layer of fabric that, if skin-tight, is stretched tightly across the buttocks. Secondly, the spanking can be given on swimwear that is wet, which enhances the stinging felt some more. Thirdly, most swimwear can be pretty easily taken down or removed for a bare bottom or completely nude spanking.

Fetish clothing[edit]

See fetish clothing.

Spanking clothing in fiction[edit]

In spanking fiction (stories and films), spanking clothing is a popular and recurring theme. Historic stories often dwell on describing the historic clothing of the characters, especially the spankees, in great detail, while contemporary stories do the same with contemporary clothing. Readers of such stories generally appreciate such detailed descriptions of clothing because it a) enhances the erotic effect and b) aids in visualizing the scene.

Spanking films pay great attention to how the actors are costumed.

In his science fiction series Melody's Stories, Lurking Dragon invented "punishment underwear" for Penitatas named Bee-riefs and Pain-ties that are made of a special fabric with stinging "biters" woven in. These are worn for punishment before, during, after, or instead of a spanking, and come in a range of different levels. In addition, special "punishment dresses", where the skirt could be raised and buttoned in the back, to expose the bottom, are described, along with shorts with removable drop seats for boys.

In several of Don A. Landhill's ageplay stories, the spankee is made to wear a "punishment dress" or "punishment uniform" that indicates that she is is disgrace for a period after a spanking. In his story "Jane Comes to the Institute" there is a complex set of clothing requirements that indicate the differing degrees of punishment that the inmates of the "Institute" are subject to. In Pablo Stubbs's school spanking story "Such a Good Girl" and its sequel "Such a Naughty Girl" girls who have been punished must not wear their ties — this serves as as a badge of shame. In Mary Catherine's school story "Casual Fridays" the main character is required to wear full school uniform (when other students have the right to wear more casual dress) as part of her punishment. Many other stories with school settings feature some form of punishment uniform or clothing.