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Spanking challenge: "If you spank someone and they yell, they lose. And I'll do it with my little brother right here..."

Two girls doing a spank challenge

Vařečková challenge / wooden spoon challenge

Spanking challenges are an Internet phenomenon that involves a person or group of persons (usually children or adolescents) recording themselves doing a challenge that involves spanking. The resulting video is then posted on social media sites such as YouTube, often inspiring or daring other users to repeat the challenge.

These are generally fun spankings that are not for punishment or erotic purposes. They are usually same-sex, given on the seat of the pants, with a lot of laughter and fooling around. Nevertheless, they can also be quite painful, which is the point of the challenge.

Like all Internet phenomena, spanking challenges are cross-cultural, but can become viral in specific forms in some regions. For example, the Vařečková challenge ("wooden spoon challenge") is a variant highly popular in the Czech Republic. The search term "Vařečková challenge" on YouTube finds more than 3600 videos, as of November 2015.

In adult media[edit]

The short fan fiction comic strip Teen Titans "The Blame Game" by Palcomix features a "spanking contest" among two characters, Starfire and Raven from Teen Titans, much like a spanking challenge.

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