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Spanking art is a term we use to collectively describe artwork that depicts or includes spanking scenes.

Since art includes many different forms of expression, spanking art also covers a great variety of media. Among the most common are literature, all kinds of visual art, and movies. In all of these media, you will find:

There is considerable overlap and no clear line of distinction between these.


Erotic art depicting flagellation dates back to the pornographic fresco paintings of ancient Rome, particularly Pompeii. But the first mass-produced corporal punishment erotica began with the illustrated flagellation and spanking novels that flooded the underground book market in Europe and America in the late 19th century (see: Victorian era).

On this wiki, historic spanking art is defined as spanking art that is older than 100 years, while contemporary spanking art is spanking art that was created within the last 100 years. The term Vintage spanking art is sometimes used for works older than about 50 or 70 years; there is no defined threshold.

Spanking art as a genre[edit]

Spanking art can be considered a genre of its own as it has a great worldwide fan community. There already exist hundreds of web galleries and online story archives (created by fans, usually) that are exclusively devoted to spanking art. Commercially, spanking magazines, spanking videos, spanking photos and spanking stories are the best selling of all spanking art media.

In addition, a growing number of professional and amateur artists specialize in this genre. The nature of this interest is manifold. Some people find spanking art erotic, others are simply attracted to the unusual topic or appreciate the intensity of emotions that can be expressed with this subject matter.

The Spanking Art wiki[edit]

The Spanking Art wiki (this site you are currently on), with 7,032 images (and counting), is probably the world's largest database of copyright-free and copyleft-licensed spanking art. We are particularly comprehensive in spanking drawings and spanking novel illustrations before 1940. Thanks to our contributors tireless media gathering, sorting, comparing, artist/source research, description writing and categorization, you can now browse the thousands of free images easily. You can search for example by artist, by pairing, or by keywords, and you will find information on every image's description page about the image's copyright status or license details for reuse.

You can also use the Spanking Art wiki as your own repository and upload any spanking art that you want to share with others (according to our Image use policy).

Categories and sub-genres[edit]

One simple approach to categorize spanking art is by the gender of the spankee. Thus you can come up with categories such as girl spanking art and boy spanking art, or female spanking art and male spanking art to include adult spankees.

Another way of categorizing spanking art is by the age of the spankee; you can distinguish, for example, child spanking art from adult spanking art. A combined approach which also includes the spanker is described on pairings.

The reason for all this categorizing is that most fans prefer only (or mostly) either male or female spankees, while only a minority likes to see or read about spankees of both genders. To a lesser degree, there may also be a preference for male or female spankers. This kind of preference is also found in artists and authors. Similarly, some people prefer child spanking art while others prefer adult spanking art. You can clearly see this gender and age preference on web galleries and when looking at collections of works of particular artists. Our polls Favourite pairing poll 2007 and Favourite pairing poll 2009 shed some light on which are the best liked pairings among those who voted.

For a deeper analysis of the situation, see schisms within the spanko community.

Spanking art and pornography[edit]

Spanking art by itself is generally not pornographic as it depicts a method of corporal punishment and no erotic subject such as sexual intercourse, masturbation or the lascivious presentation of genitals.

Still, it is possible to combine spanking art and pornography, e.g. in artistic renderings and photographic/film reproductions of erotic spanking. For this reason, our image use policy states that pornographic (defined as obscene) images must not be uploaded in this wiki.

Spanking art in books[edit]

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