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Spanking anime is non-mainstream anime (Japanese animation) that focuses on spanking. The term spanking anime is also used to refer to non-animated drawings (colorized or not) in anime style.

Spanking scenes can be found in hentai/BDSM anime. It is likely, but not yet known for sure whether longer works of only-spanking anime (i.e. spanking videos in anime form) exist. Kitora's TIGER-REVERIE has some Flash-based spanking anime with simple sounds and, instead of a voice track, balloons and captions in Japanese and English. Spanking artists such as Kitora have created cyclic animations in anime style.

Anime-style spanking art[edit]

Spanking drawings in anime style are featured on many imageboards, spanking oekakis and websites such as Anime Brats (offline since Mid-2006) the Anime Spanking Archive (since August 2006) and currently Anime OTK (since March 2007)

Contemporary spanking artists who work in anime style include:

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