Spanking and BDSM in TV commercials

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Sex sells: A kinky ad for a service that blocks provocative content on TV.

Television advertisements (or commercials) have been promoting products and services of every description since the 1950s. Looking back over the past six decades, television commercials also serve as a social barometer which reveals the cultural and economic climate of the times.

In recent years, advertising agencies have responded to changes in attitudes toward sexuality and alternate lifestyles by introducing increasingly risque elements that would have been unthinkable in earlier times. One of the current novelties in advertising is portraying kinky fetishes — presented in a humorous and often mocking way — such as erotic spanking, bondage, and S&M. Below are some prime examples.

Videos on YouTube[edit]

One ad for Penguin Peppermints featuring a whip-cracking dominatrix can not be embedded below but can be seen here on YouTube.

A Femdom Foot Locker ad (2010) Ad with dominatrix and doggie slave. NW Magazine goes over a matron's knee.
God Hand, a Japanese video game. Agent Provocateur lingerie Self-spanking in Axe body spray ad.
GwenMedia founder Isabella Sinclair for Wonderful Pistachios. Mistress Sara in another pistachios dominatrix promo Sunsilk ad with bondage and torture theme.
Dominatrix in ad for Roomba. Promo for the MTV network. Dominatrix spanks slave in shoe polish ad.

Public service announcements[edit]

A public service announcement (or PSA) is a non-profit advertisement used to promote awareness of social issues such as public health, safety, education, as well as various government services and community organizations.

Below are two spanking-themed PSAs promoting voter registration featuring Madonna from 1990 (available on YouTube) and actress/comedian Rachel Harris (2008) plus a British PSA concerning climate control.

Singer Madonna's "Rock the Vote" PSA (1990). Rachel Harris for (2008). A UK ad for global warming awareness.

See also[edit]

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