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Spanking Sarah is a U.K. spanking video producer and spanking pay site. The company is part of a family of affiliated web sites owned by Strand Media Spain (formerly Strand Video and which includes English Spankers, Red Stripe Films, Spanking England (which reviews U.K. sites and new videos), and Best Spanking. Membership costs $29.95 per month.

Style and content[edit]

The videos feature F/F and M/F spanking punishments, with an emphasis on caning, in domestic, school, and convent settings. There are also titles that include hardcore sex scenes. The company is probably best known for its Unladylike Manor series which is touted as the longest-running spanking soap opera.

The titular Sarah, aka Sarah Stern (full name Sarah Bright) is a spanking actress who appears in every film and also produces. She is a switch performer who plays both dominant (spanker) and submissive (spankee) roles depending on the story. She also appears in recurring roles as Judge Sarah Stern and Sarah Sly, Private Eye, a detective who catches and punishes unfaithful wives. The director of all the videos uses the pseudonym Remington Steel.

Their extensive video catalog features many well-known performers such as Pandora Blake, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia Ann Woods, Danielle Hunt, Molly Malone, Lucy Lauren, Faerie Willow, and Lola Marie, all of whom are regular fixtures in British spanking videos from Northern Spanking, Red Stripe, Firm Hand Spanking, et al.

Spanking Sarah also links to a sub-site called Mommy Sarah Spanks (website) that specializes in age regression spanking videos featuring little girl age-play fantasies and infantilism (diaper training, diaper discipline, etc.).

Spanking videos[edit]

Titles featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford:

  • Unladylike Manor: A Deadly New Plot (photos)
  • Unladylike Manor: An Unexpected Intervention photos
  • Unladylike Manor: The Lady Must Be Told (photos)
  • Unladylike Manor: The Lady is Punished (photos)
  • Unladylike Manor: The Plot, Part 2
  • Unladylike Manor: The Plot, Part 5, Pandora Blake, (photos)
  • The Way to Use a Riding Crop
  • We're Going To Teach You A Lesson (photos)
  • You Can't Dress Like That - nun story

Other titles:

  • The House Sitter Regrets - Sarah Stern, Alora, Violet Haze, photos
  • I'm Giving You The Boot - Sarah Stern, Louise Carleton, part of the Sarah Sly, Private Eye series, photos
  • Ivy and the Land Lady, aka Caned by the Landlady (photos, video)
  • Katie Meets Mrs. Stern's Canes - Mr. Sterm, Sarah Stern, caning, photos
  • Mommy's Regression Session: Violet, Number 1, Part 1 (Mommy Sarah Spanks), photos
  • The New Boss, Part 2 (2021), Sarah Stern, video
  • The New Boss, Part 3 (2021), hands on head, photos
  • Penance - Story 2 - nun Lola Marie, Sarah Stern, Mr. Stern, photos
  • The Perverted Business Woman (2023), Sarah Stern, Faerie Willow, office, photos
  • Reporting To The Headmaster - Violet Haze, photos
  • The Secret Police Woman (Pandora Blake)
  • Seducing the Junior (Strand Video), Lucy Lauren, video
  • Shaming The Uniform, Part 2 - nun Sarah Stern canes Denali, photos
  • The Slippering (Danielle Hunt)
  • Smoking Stable Girl
  • Sophie Parker Paddled at the House of Correction
  • The Sports Mistress Needs The Pain - gym, photos
  • The Step Mother: A Story From St. Justs Academy - Lucy Lauren
  • The Step Mother Paddled: A Story From St. Justs Academy, photos
  • The Strap for My Au Pair (c. 2023), Sarah Stern straps nanny Monica, photos
  • Unladylike Manor: PC Pandora Blake Spanked (Pandora Blake)
  • Unladylike Manor: Return to the Manor, The Poverty Years - Sarah Stern, Katie Didit (SpankBang video)
  • Unladylike Manor: Episode 50 - Hideaway in Spain - Spain, photos
  • Unladylike Manor: Episode 52: Caned in Spain - Mr. Stern, Sarah Stern, Suzanne Smart, photos
  • We Settle the Score - doctor, nurse, photos
  • The Wrong Job - maid, photos
  • You Are The Prisoner (2023), Mila Grant, Sarah Stern, humiliation, photos
  • You Can't Deny Your Guilt - Sofia Saint, Sarah Stern, photos
  • You Hurt Her, Now I Hurt You (2023), Sofia Saint, Sarah Stern, hairbrush, photos
  • Your Love of Pain Will Get You The Cane (photos)

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