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Spanking Epics is a U.S. spanking video producer founded in 2001 that sells spanking videos on DVD and by online streaming. Their videos are filmed in New England, often using remote outdoor locations and rustic buildings. Their business office is located in the Netherlands.

Style and content[edit]

The company's videos mostly depict traditional M/F discipline in a domestic setting. (Their philosophy is against stories that portray violence or abusive punishments.) A number of films recreate various periods in U.S. history as well as Victorian England. Other tales invlove fantasy and the supernatural. Many titles are written and directed by Bethany Burke, who is also known from her spanking story site Bethany's Woodshed (Blushing Publications). Other films are directed by Jack Hemingway.

Besides full-length titles, Spanking Epics also produces "spanklets" – short video clips available via download. The site is not membership-based, but users pay per download.

Performers include: Sierra Salem, David Pierson (from Punished Brats), Erica Scott, Steve Fuller, Isobel Wren and Keith Jones (from Shadow Lane).

Business structure[edit]

Spanking Epics is a joint venture of ABCD Webmasters, owners of Bethany's Woodshed and other spanking sites, and Wasteland, a BDSM website.

The company is also in partnership with Red Cheeks Studios (website) and sells many of their videos on the Spanking Epics website (see list below).

Spanking Epics videos[edit]

  • The Puritan (Being Keith Jones, part 1), 17th-century fantasy story
    • Learning His Lines - a behind-the-scenes bonus short (photos, video)
  • Trouble in Carson's Gap (Being Keith Jones, part 2), a Western tale (photos, video)
  • The Reckoning (Being Keith Jones, part 3)
  • The Ghost and Maggie Moore - David Pierson
  • The Great American Spankoff - Sierra Salem
  • Life With Kelly: A Carnival of Domestic Discipline (Spanking Epics/Wasteland), photos
  • Lucinda's Confessions
  • Schoolmaster's Revenge
  • Spanking Sierra: The Sierra Salem Collection (compilation)
  • The Spanking Zone, Season 1 (Spanking Epics/Wasteland), 60 min. compilation of 6 episodes, Erica Scott (photos)
  • The Spanking Zone, Season 2 (Spanking Epics/Wasteland), 60 min. compilation of 5 episodes (photos)
  • The Spanking Zone, Season 3 (Spanking Epics/Wasteland), 60 min. compilation (photos)
  • The Spanking Zone, Season 4 (Spanking Epics/Wasteland), 75 min. compilation (photos)
  • The Spanking Zone, Season 5 (Spanking Epics/Wasteland), 60 min. compilation (photos)
  • The Spanking Zone, Season 6 (Spanking Epics/Wasteland), 60 min. compilation (photos)
  • The Vacation

Shorter "spanklet" features:

  • Bedtime Brat
  • Barnyard Spanking, Episode 1: Bobbi Jo Gets It
  • The Biology Walk - David Pierson
  • The Candy Striper - Sierra Salem
  • Caught Red Handed! - Sierra Salem
  • Daisy’s New Drawers - parody of “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV series.
  • The Lottery Ticket
  • Mrs. Thistlewaite’s Hairbrush
  • Smokin’ Sisters - Sierra Salem
  • Spanking Susan – Remedial Training
  • Spare the Rod
  • The Team Captain
  • The Town Gossip - Sierra Salem

Red Cheeks Studios videos[edit]

  • A Day in the Life of a Brat
  • Another Bad Day for Naughty Lavender
  • Brat Breana Caught Shoplifting
  • Caught in the Forest
  • Dinner Date Disaster
  • Harsh Justice for the House Cleaner
  • Kitchen Frolics
  • Redneck Spankers
  • Thrashed for Flaking
  • Tea Time Calamity
  • Two Brats Double Trouble
  • Whipping in the Woods