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After the boy scout controversy in January 2008, the Spanking Art wiki was shut down by its old host Wikia on 26 January 2008 and has moved to a new host in February 2008. The new host became Anime OTK, one of the web's biggest and most active free spanking art sites. The persons who kindly offered to host our wiki were User:Stoner (see also Stoner) and User:Ai (see also Ai).

The wiki remained hosted in the United States, so U.S. law still applied. However on our new host's request we also took some aspects of U.K. law into account from then on. See "policy changes" below.

Policy changes[edit]

Diagram of the "safer than safe" self-censorship principle.

On the request of our new host, we made changes to our wiki's policies, in particular our Image use policy. The idea was to protect our wiki better from potential attacks of outside critics, so they can't threaten our hosts or our users with legal action. Our hosts, by the way, are not responsible for the content: any content on this wiki is the responsibility of the person who uploaded it or added it to a wiki page, see also our Legal terms.

Our wiki never contained any illegal or doubtful content. We've always made sure to be fully on the "safe side", e.g. by following a strict no-pornography policy and requiring a GDFL-compliant license for all images uploaded. Additionally, we've had certain self-censorship before, e.g. by not allowing copyrighted images under fair use claim. This self-censorship has been extended in several areas to be on a "safer than safe" side. We realize this is a considerable constriction especially for a wiki on spanking art, because there is a lot of perfectly legal images which we now can no longer use here, such as photos of minors. In the interest of education (this is a serious encyclopedic project and not a "fun wiki", after all, and any censorship hampers to some degree our academic mission), free knowledge, free speech and free artistic expression, we try to keep this self-censorship as limited as possible.

As always, any of our policies can be discussed on the respective discussion pages.

Technical issues[edit]

See Spanking Art:MediaWiki.