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This page lists some cool new technical features we can use in this wiki.

RSS feeds[edit]

We can now add RSS feeds to our wiki pages. Do you know any RSS feeds that may be interesting, such as feeds from Spanking blogs?

Example RSS feed from the Spanking Blog:

Failed to load RSS feed from|max=3: Error parsing XML for RSS

The feature is explained on Help:RSS2Wiki.


It is now possible to use polls. Here is an example:

<poll> What is your favourite spanking pairing? M/M M/F F/M F/F M/m M/f F/m F/f Other </poll>

If you have an idea how this feature could be useful on the Spanking Art wiki, go ahead and create new articles with whatever polls you like. The feature is explained on Help:Polls.


This new tool is an easy to use application that lets people add events to a calendar.

<calendar />

If you want to make use of this feature on the Spanking Art wiki (e.g. to share events such as spanking parties or workshops), go ahead. The feature is described on Help:Calendar.

YouTube videos[edit]

School discipline discussion, UK, Oct 1996 - Part 1 of 2.

We can now embed YouTube videos directly in articles. If you come across a YouTube video that could add value to the Spanking Art wiki, please add it to the relevant article (or create a new article for it).

See Help:YouTube for more information.