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Note: The guidelines on this page are currently under development and will be unofficial until this note is removed.

This policy is about links to external websites.

Links to Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wipipedia[edit]

Links to Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wipipedia should be made using the respective templates, and should be placed in the "See also" section rather than the "Links" section. See Conventions.

Adult sites[edit]

Links to adult websites (sites that rate themselves as "only for adults" or similar) are permitted in this wiki. They should be followed by a standardized warning: {{18+}}. This will create the following:  Warning: 18+

Some adult sites are for users above 21 years of age. For these, use {{21+}}, which will create Warning: 21+.

Blacklisted sites[edit]

Some websites, typically those known for spam, are automatically blocked by the wiki software. If you try to add a link to a site that is blacklisted, you will get an error message. To request unblocking, please contact an administrator.


Links to web pages that feature photos or videos of minors (a real person under the age of 18) should be used with caution, as we do not want to invite protests from people that don't want to be linked from this wiki. Where protests are likely, such links will be deleted. This includes links to photographic and videographic material hosted on MySpace, Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, etc.

However we do not generally ban links to websites that feature photos or videos of minors anywhere on the site, as such a ban would be impossible to operate and severely restrict our links. Links to sites such as World Corporal Punishment Research, online encyclopedias, book information sites, school museums, and links to the main page of web hosts ( etc.) remain permitted.