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As you may be aware, Wikipedia, Wikia and many other wikis updated their license from GFDL to the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 3.0 earlier in 2009. We plan to make the same license update for the Spanking Art wiki.

Advantages of the CC license[edit]

The Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License essentially gives everyone the same freedoms that the GFDL does. The content can be used for any purpose, derivatives must be released under the same free license, and attribution must be given. The license is simpler to use and easier to understand, and has been translated into many languages. If we update to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, we can continue to share information with Wikipedia and other wikis. It also opens up many new possibilities for sharing content with other sites that are under a compatible Creative Commons license. Creative Commons content can be found using Creative Commons search which includes results from a few places including Yahoo CC search and Google CC search.


It seems we can not make the license update the same way as Wikipedia and Wikia because we missed the deadline (August 1, 2009). See discussion page. If you know how we can still do it, or what we should do, please join the discussion there.