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This image use policy specifies rules for the uploading of images (of any file format, including animated GIF images) to the Spanking Art Wiki. See How to upload your own images for technical help.

Please note that you can also embed external images into pages of this wiki without needing to upload them here. For these, different rules apply. See our External image policy.

Permissible image licenses[edit]

Any content you upload or post to this wiki must be compatible with the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Images that infringe a copyright are subject to deletion. Copyright information (whether the image is in the public domain or copyrighted; who is the artist/photographer; which license permits the use of this image) must be added to the image description page of every uploaded image.

You may upload images under any of the following licenses: public domain, GFDL, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, BSD, GPL, LGPL. You are explicitly not allowed to upload images under licenses which forbid commercial use or the creation of derivative works. See Category:Image copyright tags for a list of available copyright tags.

Placing a copyrighted image or other work under a license is something only the copyright holder can legally do. So you can do this only a) if you are the copyright holder or b) if you have explicit permission from the copyright holder. If the work is in the public domain (usually this is the case when the copyright has expired, for example 19th century paintings or book illustrations), such a permission is not needed.

You are also explicitly not allowed, on this wiki, to upload copyrighted images which may be used only because of a claim of fair use.

For more information, see Spanking Art:Copyrights.

How to specify the source and license[edit]

Specify the source of the image in the field "Summary" on the upload file page (who is the creator and copyright holder, such as "Source: Photo taken by <Name>"). If the image was copied from some other website (e.g. Flickr, Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons), please specify the exact URL of the source. This is necessary to fulfil the terms of certain licenses, and also allows others to check and confirm the license status. Failure to specify the source URL will result in the deletion of your image if a copyright infringement is suspected.

Select the appropriate license from the drop-down box on the upload file page. This is most important. Images without a license are subject to deletion without notice. If you forgot to select a license when you uploaded the image, edit the image's description page manually to specify the image's license status. Please use these notations to specify the license:

These are templates (you must type them with the double curly brackets) and will automatically create a nice looking license box and put your image into the appropriate category. The license box will look e.g. like this:

Creative Commons License
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this image under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 License CC-BY-SA.

You can also dual-license images, for example by specifying both {{GFDL 1.3}} and {{CC-BY-SA-4.0}}.

Pairings and categories[edit]

In addition, for spanking art images, please add the pairing information (such as F/m) and put the image in the appropriate category, such as [[Category:F/m]].

No pornography[edit]

Obscene images as defined by U.S. law must not be uploaded in this wiki. (Pornography is not a legal term in the U.S., only obscenity is.)

No photos of minors[edit]

Because this wiki discusses adult topics such as sexuality, photographs of minors are not welcome here because they may be seen as a violation of the child's personality rights. A minor is any person under the age of 18. By request from our former host Anime OTK, since 2008 this rule also includes photos which are old enough to be in the public domain (all copyrights have expired) and cases in which no personality rights can be violated, such as photos which don't show the person's face.

Photos of adults are welcome, but the photo must be under a free license (see above) which permits reuse of the photo for any purpose whatsoever (including modifications and commercial use), and the context in which such an image is used must be such that the person depicted is not likely to find that their personality rights are violated. If a person on a photo appears to be younger than 30, any user or admin may ask the uploader for proof or evidence that the person on the photo has been 18 years or older at the time when the photo was taken. If such proof or evidence can not be brought, the photo may be deleted.

No indecent pseudo-photographs of minors[edit]

Indecent pseudo-photographs of a child (a term from British law) are also not permitted in this wiki, by request from our former host Anime OTK. See the Wikipedia article for definitions of the terms "indecency", "pseudo-photograph", and "child" according to the Protection of Children Act 1978, which is valid in England and Wales.

Paintings, illustrations, drawings, and computer-generated images (e.g. rendered art) may fall under this definition if they are such that they appear to be a photograph. See also photorealism.

Please collect any photos of minors and images you consider to be close to "indecent pseudo-photos of minors" on Spanking Art:Admin requests where they will be examined and deleted if they are found to violate this policy.

No prurient images of children[edit]

While depictions of minors in the form of drawings are generally permitted in this wiki, including child spanking art and non-sexual nudity of minors, we do not want any images of children that display an obvious prurient interest.

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