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This page is mostly about site promotion in the early years of the wiki, but you are asked to add any promotion you do below.

We would like more people to become active participants in the Spanking Art wiki. The more people we are, the better this wiki will evolve. In addition, it will also make it easier for us to revert potential vandalism. Therefore, we should promote the wiki in places where it will come to the attention of potential contributors. Everyone is encouraged to help promote our site at the right places, such as forums, blogs, mailing lists, other wikis, and guestbooks. To make this promotion a bit more organized, we keep a log here:

June 2005[edit]

August 2005[edit]

December 2005-Februrary 2006[edit]

March 2006[edit]

I saw it, and not only allowed the promo post, but dropped by here myself, joined up, and started helping out! :D (Banjo)

April 2006[edit]

May 2006[edit]

June 2006[edit]

August 2006[edit]

September 2006[edit]

March 2007[edit]

July 2007[edit]

September 2007[edit]

March 2008[edit]

August 2008[edit]

January 2010[edit]

February 2012[edit]