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To be prepared for a disaster scenario in which this wiki is suddenly gone from the Web, we ask for your help in making backups of our wiki data regularly.

The situation[edit]

Since our Relaunch 2012, this wiki is kindly hosted for free by a private external wiki hoster. The wiki administrators do not have direct access to the wiki and its files and databases.

There is always the lurking danger of a disaster scenario. We experienced this disaster before, when we were hosted by Anime OTK and the site suddenly went down in April 2012. Ai left us in the dark for weeks upon weeks and could not be reached by any means. We were very lucky we had a complete wiki page and images backup from February 2012, so "only" the work of two months was lost. Even after Anime OTK came back online, we never received any backups of the wiki. We lost the user database and the complete statistical data, such as page access counters, and we still have a pile of work from images that had a problem on the re-import.

Full backups[edit]

Our new host makes full wiki backups and provides these for download in irregular intervals greater than a month. There are two backup packages, one for the wiki pages (about 200 MB) and one for the image files (about 800 MB). As of 16 June 2013, our last page backup is from 18 March 2013, and our last image backup is from 30 April 2013.

How to manually backup selected pages[edit]

There is a way to manually backup our work done in the wiki since the last full backup.

The wiki function Special:Export (which you can also reach via Special pages in the sidebar) will export a list of pages, provided by you, as an XML file download. Please select the following options:

Export pages options.png

This will ensure that the full page histories are saved, which is important for license reasons.

Which pages?[edit]

The ideal would be to make a full backup of all wiki pages weekly. But the Special:Export function is not made to handle that. It can export a few dozen to a few hundred pages in one batch only.

The following is a list of our newest 30 pages, and a list of our 30 most recently edited pages. You can copy and paste these lists into Special:Export to save those pages. Or export those pages that are of most personal value to you.

Newest 30 pages:
Dominique Wright
Milking machine
Stacey Rowe
Éditions de l'Éden
Big buttocks
Spanking for Pleasure
Mel Penny
Imprint Productions
Anne Proto
Gillian Taylor
COVID-19 in spanking art and videos
Lesley Saye
Emil of Lönneberga
Bill Bergson
Sara Benachour
Sue Ellis
Li'l Minx
The Riding Lesson
Totally Invisible
Cara Day
Carrie Madison
Kitty Hemstridge
Sally Doolin
Aunt Sheila
Harry Doolin
Landmark Publications
Little Lotta

Most recently edited 30 pages:
Spanking blog
Paul Rogers
Stevie Rose
COVID-19 in spanking art and videos
"Buttocks" in other languages
Shepherding a Child's Heart
M. del Giglio
Gene Bilbrew
John Willie
Big buttocks
List of spanking artists
Milking machine
Dominique Wright
Gillian Taylor
Red Stripe
Masturbation of another person
Fan service
Stacey Rowe
My brother Johan and me

What about our images?[edit]

Backups of our images are also important, although less important than backups of our articles, and less critical because copies of images will often be saved long-term on the computer of the original uploader, and are also often found elsewhere on the Web.

There is no designated wiki function to export images. You can save individual images to your computer by clicking on the image until you get to the maximum size. Then, depending on your browser and operating system, you do a right mouse button click and select "Save image as..." or similar, then pick a folder on your hard drive where you want to save the image to.

Please also save the image description pages when you backup images, because we require this information when you re-upload the image.

Newest 15 images:
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page058.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page058.jpg
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page057.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page057.jpg
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page056.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page056.jpg
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page055.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page055.jpg
File:The Laundress from "L'Oeuvre Libertine".jpg The Laundress from "L'Oeuvre Libertine".jpg
File:Wolfheart Perfect Target.jpg Wolfheart Perfect Target.jpg
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page054.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page054.jpg
File:VolBoitesLettres01TR.jpg VolBoitesLettres01TR.jpg
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page053.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page053.jpg
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page052.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page052.jpg
File:Rude Rumps CHY Page051.jpg Rude Rumps CHY Page051.jpg
File:Size of gonjang.jpg Size of gonjang.jpg
File:Historical illustration of gonjang.jpg Historical illustration of gonjang.jpg
File:Chinese gonjang punishment in history.jpg Chinese gonjang punishment in history.jpg
File:Gonjang image 11.jpg Gonjang image 11.jpg

How to import?[edit]

In a disaster scenario, please check which is the "emergency page", a blog of Spankart, for information. Bookmark this link because if the wiki is gone this page will no longer be here. It is also a good idea to contact Spankart and Roguebfl via e-mail or Skype before the disaster happens so you'll already have the contact established.

Thank you![edit]

Thank you for reading this and for helping to protect our work.