Spanking Art:Article and image deletion policy

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Images will be deleted when they violate our Image use policy. They can also be deleted on request when the image is not, or no longer used in this wiki.

Typical cases are:

  • no license information, or a license that is incompatible with the GFDL
  • terms of the license violated (e.g. by not stating the source/creator)
  • public domain status is doubtful
  • copyright infringement
  • obscenity as as defined by U.S./Delaware law

Articles (pages) will be deleted when they contain no useful content, or violate any of our other policies.

Deletions are only possible for administrators. To ask an admin to delete an image or article, please insert the following code on top of the page: {{delete|<reason>}}. This places the page in Category:Candidates for deletion. Please replace reason with a reason (e.g. "no free license"). Alternatively, you can post it on Spanking Art:Admin requests.