Spanking Art:2500 articles and 2000 images

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Our 2000th image: "A formal house beating" from the Woody Back to School Unit series.

18 October 2009: The Spanking Art wiki[1] has reached two new milestones.

The first one is 2500 articles. Roguebfl, a long-term prolific contributor to this wiki and member of the admin team since August 2009, has hit the 2500 mark with the article Bird's-eye view, part of our "views" article series from the category Art techniques.

The other milestone is 2000 images. Artist Dave Ell uploaded the 2000th image today, one of his commissioned spanking comics that he shares under a free release, featuring the caning of a schoolgirl in a gym.

It should be emphasized that these are not just 2000 images. These are 2000 free images, free in either a public domain or copyleft sense. You can legally use them in any way you want, under the terms of their respective licenses. This includes the right to copy, share, republish, and modify them. All 2000 images can also be used commercially, under the terms of their respective licenses, if someone wishes to do so. The choice of a copyleft license ensures that the material is free and will always remain free.

Great thanks are owed to all volunteer helpers who devote their time and energy to building this phantastic resource. Keep up the good work!