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M/m spanking drawing by Franco, the spanker highlighted.

Spanker describes the role of a person who gives another person a spanking. The recipient of the spanking is called the spankee.

The term does not imply a relationship between spanker and spankee other than the act, although such a relationship often exists.

In consensual spanking, the act fulfills needs of the participants. In particular, the spankee may ask to be spanked or may "break a rule" that brings about a spanking. Often the spanker is simply acting out what the spankee wishes for. In contemporary society, it is common that the spanker is performing a role in the spankee's life. This is typical when a male spankee has hired a female spanker (perhaps his Domme).

(Frère) Fesseur[edit]

In French, a spanker is called fesseur. "Frère Fesseur" (Brother Spanker) was the title of a cleric, especially in the Jesuit order, who was specifically charged with the professional administration of spankings on the (typically bared) buttocks of naughty pupils in reputedly strict Catholic schools. See corporal punishment in religious institutions for more on this topic.


In Spanish, a spanker is called azotador (and a spankee is called azotado).

Other meanings[edit]

"Spanker" can also refer to:

  • a type of sail on a sailboat, see Spanker (sail) on Wikipedia
  • a famous 18th century thoroughbred race horse
  • a place in Montgomrery County, Ohio (just north of Dayton, Ohio, at Interstate 70) - see Spanker on Google Maps. (BTW, Bottom is 380 miles south-east from Spanker. :-)
  • The Spanker, a comic strip character

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