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Real Life Spankings is a Brabant (Netherlands) based, Dutch producer of spanking videos as well as a pay site specializing in domestic scenarios. It has two sister sites: and All their content since 2003 are copyright by JC Webservices.

Real Life Spankings has only female spankees (in M/F and F/F scenarios). The videos are unscripted and mainly feature amateur ("girl-next-door") actresses as well as professional models. Many titles feature a woman's first-time spanking experience. The main performers on the site are Mike, a spanker, and his wife Kelly.

Affiliated sites[edit]

Spanked In Uniform is a spin-off site specializing in female spankees wearing fetishistic uniforms such as schoolgirl (Bellview Catholic School for Girls), nurse (St. Elizabeth Private Hospital), nun, employee, cheerleader, maid (Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency), police (Law & Order Special Spanking Unit), stewardess (Europe Airlines), waitress, prisoner (The Masonfield Prison for Women), equestrian (The Lowood Riding School), and others. There are 20 separate series set in various fictional schools, hospitals, hotels, military academies (The SouthPort Naval Academy), the South-West Police Station, a 1950s-era diner, and a spaceship in the future (Disciplinary Ship Genesis).

Some of the better-known performers in their videos include Leia-Ann Woods, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Danielle Hunt, and Sarah Bright. However, what makes all the websites of this producer stand out is the fact that they feature many Dutch models that are not seen anywhere else.

In 2015, the British spanking pay site Bars and Stripes (inspired by Women in Prison films) transferred ownership to Real Life Spankings to circumvent increasingly strict regulations on adult content imposed by the British Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD). This site is now part of is a site for the members who want a video on demand specially to their wishes. They pay a bit extra, but they get exactly what they ask for. The main drive behind this website is Mikes' wife Kelly. She will make all the arrangements to make sure the movie is what the member wants in the end.

Spanking Videos[edit]

A selection of titles mostly featuring the popular Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake.

  • Leandra Gets Spanked and Strapped for Blowing Up Mailboxes with Fireworks (Real Life Spankings), vandalism, photos
  • Olga Cabaeva From Spain Joins RLS (Real Life Spankings, 2018), Spain, photos
  • Olga Cabeava From Spain Returns To RLS and Gets Soundly Disciplined (Real Life Spankings, 2018), photos
  • Olga Cabeava Gets Soundly Punished for Peeing in the Woods (Real Life Spankings), urination, photos