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Correction on the sofa, F/m spanking drawing by Spankart (2004).

Spankart is a writer of encyclopedic articles about spanking and spanking art, and an occasional hobby spanking artist. Spankart is greatly interested in the history of spanking and in the history of spanking in fiction and artistic media: worldwide, throughout the centuries and both in mainstream and erotic works. His pen name reflects this interest: Spank-Art.


In his drawings Spankart tries to capture the bygone era of spanking as a punishment method in the home and in educational institutions, focusing on the late 19th and early 20th century in particular. His works are mainly child spanking art of all pairings (F/f, F/m, M/f, M/m). He has also done some experiments with animation and interactive art.

Spankart mostly works in monochrome and tends to use color sparingly. The mood of his drawings is typically sedate, with an air of resigned submission to their inevitable fate on the side of the spankee, and the spanker carrying out what they believe is their duty. The spanking is disciplinary, not an erotic act. There is no violence, no sadism and no masochism. Spankart does not like to portray strong expressions such as anger, rage, fear or pain either. He prefers to keep the character's emotions calm and concealed so they are more open to the viewer's imagination.

A selection of Spankart's works has been published on free websites such as Handprints and his own site, A Spanking New Art Genre (2002-2005).

Spankart's only sequential work so far is Bridget, a 6-page F/f comic which was published in October 2005 on the Handprints site. Bridget retells the story of the "birch miracle" that, according to legend, happened to St. Bridget of Sweden when she was a teenager.


Other activities[edit]

Spankart has studied and collected information about spanking for all of his life, but especially since the mid-1980s when the interest became an obsession for him. The subject is so ample that these studies will surely never reach an end for as long as he lives. With his previous websites, but even more so with this wiki, he tries to share as much information about spanking as possible with the rest of the world, in the spirit of free knowledge.

As fan of good spanking art (and stories) and self-taught hobby artist, Spankart supports other artists in this genre, both educationally and by promoting their rights, in particular the freedom to create and publish spanking art legally (see also free speech and free artistic expression). Spankart believes that all creative depictions of spanking, in whatever form or medium, deserve to be called art and respected as such.

In 2002, Spankart founded the Spanking Art Studio, a web group for active spanking artists (especially newcomers and hobby artists) to give and get constructive critique on their works.

In 2003, Spankart became a tutor for people who want to learn the basics of figure drawing, cartooning, comic creation and other related skills. From 2003 to 2005, he published the free website mentioned above, A Spanking New Art Genre, which mainly featured figure drawing tutorials.

In 2005, Spankart launched the Spanking Art wiki. He believes in open content and is convinced that an open wiki is an excellent platform and technical means to share information and knowledge, as Wikipedia has successfully demonstrated.

Since 2005, Spankart has become more and more mainly a wiki author and spent less time on drawing and other visual art. Since March 2006, he does Web research and writes wiki articles on an almost daily basis. The Spanking Art wiki has become his main "baby" and he spends countless hours on expanding it every week.