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Spank Christina is a British spanking video producer and a spanking pay site. The company was created by spanking actress Christina Lee. She also appears in over 60 spanking videos, mostly in a spankee role.

The company's business offices are located in Spain. The site uses Spanking Support.

Style and content[edit]

Spank Christina produces mostly F/F content along with a smattering of M/F titles. The majority feature standard at-home domestic and classroom punishment scenarios (sometimes with uniformed schoolgirls) typical of this genre. There are a few kink-specific titles (with a nurse, medical, or dungeon setting).

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Another Detention - writing lines, photos
  • An Unwelcome Guest
  • The Babysitter
  • Blackmail
  • Breaking And Entering - swimming pool setting
  • The Bullied Cheerleader - bullying
  • Caned in the Office
  • Caned & Shamed
  • Copy Cats - examination cheating theme
  • Cruel Roommate
  • Disciplined with the Cane
  • Happy Birthday (with Dawn Deacon) - birthday spanking
  • The Housekeeper - swimming pool
  • Idle All Day
  • The Lazy Maid - maid story
  • Little Liars - lying
  • The Medical Room - nurse tale
  • Natasha's Tears
  • A Night in the Cells
  • Nurse In Trouble (with Dawn Deacon) - nurse theme
  • Out All Night
  • Perfect Therapy
  • Prefect's Induction
  • Punished in P.T. - physical education
  • The Punishment Chair - smoking schoolgirls
  • Rock Chick Spanked - M/F
  • Sam's Extra Training
  • The Shoplifter (with Dawn Deacon) - stealing story
  • Spanked in the Gym - physical education
  • Suzy in Trouble
  • Unfinished Chores
  • Useless Masseuse