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Sound Punishment is a UK-based spanking film website specialising in domestic and school roleplay videos (M/F and F/F). It is a pay site run by a husband and wife team who also perform in some of their videos.

Their regular spanking actresses include: Susan James, Kami Robertson, Caroline Grey, Samantha Clarke, Kelly Wilson, Gillian White, Anastasia, Sinead Tennant, and adult film star Jasmine Lau.

Besides spanking videos, the site also features photostories. Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days.

Countries banned from membership[edit]

Due to a major increase in the illegal piracy of films from users in countries in Eastern Europe and Asia and also those using proxy servers in the former Soviet Union states, the company has imposed a complete blanket ban on access from any IP addresses associated with these countries.

This includes: China, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakstan, Moldavia/Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Siberia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Spanking videos[edit]

Below is a selection of videos offered at the site.

Amelia Jane Rutherford titles:

  • Amelia Jane Rutherford Earns the Cane (photos)
  • School Party Caning for Amelia Jane Rutherford (photos)

Pandora Blake titles:

  • Latin Lashing for Pandora - yardstick, photos
  • The Lost Hairbrush (photos)
  • Pandora's Computer Misuse Punishment (photos)
  • Punished Executive
  • School Rule

Maisie Dee titles:

  • A Hot Spanking for Femjoy Starlet Masie Dee
  • A Slipper Punishment for Cheerleader Masie Dee - vaulting-buck, photos
  • A Table-Top-Tanning for Masie Dee (photos)
  • Afghanistan Spanking Angst for Masie Dee
  • Lazy Masie Meets the School Truant Officer - truancy
  • Masie Crosses the Line (photos)
  • Masie Dee Suffers his Rules
  • Masie Dee Paddled to Penitence
  • Masie Dee - Spanked to Orgasm
  • Masie Dee Suffers His Rules (photos)
  • Masie Dee's Double Punishment
  • Masie Dee's Painful Detention Session - detention
  • Masie Dee's School Demerits - demerit (photos)
  • OTK Spanking for Porn Star Masie
  • Schoolgirl Masie Spanked for Wanking
  • Spanked Brat
  • Teenage Tanning Tantrum Tamed (photos)

Niki Flynn titles:

Danielle Hunt titles:

  • Danielle disciplined US-style (photos)
  • Danielle is Spanked, Paddled and Caned (photos)
  • Double Discipline for Danielle Hunt (photos)

Lilly Chang titles:

  • A Chinese Schoolgirl Caned (photos)
  • An Oriental Flower Is Spanked for The Very First Time (photos)
  • Lilly Gets A Paddle-Fried Bottom (photos)

Misc. titles:

  • A Glutton for Punishment - Emma Brown Interviewed - photos
  • A Painful Prescription for Sinead Tennant - photos
  • Dani's Wacking - Dani Loveday, photos
  • Drunken Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform Spanking - sailor fuku (photos)
  • Emma's Conservatory Caning - Emma Brown, photos
  • Emma's Pottery Phallus Punishment - Emma Brown, photos

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