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Sophie Fennington, pencil portrait by Jameslovebirch (2015).

Sophie Fennington is a former spanking actress and one of the most popular British fetish models of the eighties and nineties. She has been hailed as Britain's first true star of the spanking video genre and has been greatly missed by CP enthusiasts since her early retirement.

Modeling and acting[edit]

Her modeling career began after her husband Christian sent some amateur spanking photos to Janus magazine in London. Sophie was then hired for a "CP Tease" photo-story for Janus issue #53. This was enormously popular with readers and led to two more appearances in issues #54 and #60. In 2012 and 2013, two special issues, Encore Janus 5 and Encore Janus 6, reprinted a complete set of 154 photos taken for the Janus #53 shoot.

Offers to appear in spanking videos followed. Her first video was Veronica Takes The Rap. Most of her videos were directed by Michael Dawes. All were produced in the U.K. and distributed in the U.S. in the nineties by California Star. (Christian Fennington would also become a fixture in the U.K. video industry playing disciplinarians in dozens of videos.)

Sophie Fennington's other video titles include:

  • Painful Promotion (Spanking for Pleasure)
  • The Flogging of Lady Constance (Spanking for Pleasure), period piece loosely based on Lady Chatterley's Lover
  • Her First Experience (Tallion, 1984), rerelease by Spanking for Pleasure
  • Room Service
  • The Caning Competition (with Kate Westbrook), released by Cal-Star as English Spanking Classic #35: Poolside Punishment & Caning Competition
  • Lisa Must Be Caned (Tallion, 1990)
  • Corrective Therapy Trilogy (with Penny Wise, Josephine Scissons, Larry Barnes), Cal-Star release as English Spanking Classic #7: Corrective Therapy Trilogy
  • Canings and Cold Showers (Tallion, c. 1992), released by Cal-Star and Spanking for Pleasure as The Caning of a Flight Officer
  • Sophie Fennington Interview (Paradox), review


Fennington was quick to achieve celebrity status in the fetish community through a combination of looks, appealing personality, and ability to receive severe corporal punishment from a variety of implements. The blond beauty had an innocent, girl-next-door look and soft demeanor which was ideal for playing the ever-popular uniformed schoolgirl, waif, and nurse roles in films and magazine photo-stories. In this regard, she could be seen as the U.K. counterpart to the similar-looking Kiri Kelly who was the first fetish star in the U.S. during the same time period.

Fennington's daughter Vivi Fontaine is also a fetish model, professional submissive (pro-sub) as well as a full-service escort. She books private corporal punishment sessions through the website

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