Song of the Thin Man

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Song of the Thin Man is a movie from 1947, directed by Edward Buzzell. It is the last of the six Thin Man films.

The spanking scene[edit]

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Nick Jr. (Dean Stockwell) is summoned by his mother Nora (Myrna Loy) and his father Nick (William Powell). Nora says to her husband that she thinks Nick Jr. is going to have to have a good spanking for ducking his practicing all week. This job is going to be Nick's task as he is his father.

Taking a seat, Nick says "Come here, son. I regret that I'm going to have to take a certain corrective action." He bends Nick Jr. over his lap (murmuring "I think this is the way they do it...") and is about to spank him on the seat of his pants with a folded newspaper (while Nora and Nick's dog are watching).

Looking at the boy's rear end, Nick sees the memory of the happy event when his son was born, which emotionally blocks his task at hand. He exchanges a look with Nora, who nods encouragingly, and retries. He sees another happy scene where they cut a lock of Nick Jr.'s hair, and hesitates again. Nora is getting unpatient and crosses her arms. Nick tries a third time and sees the scene when he teaches his son to ride a bicicle: he tumbles into a bush and his son laughs at him. Now he can do the spanking.

When the short spanking is over, Nick Jr. runs into his mother's arms, pretending to be in pain. Nora notices something when she pats his butt, reaches into the waistband of his pants to find that he had put his glove inside. She says "That was very clever of you, Nicky. As a reward, you'll have no radio for the rest of the week" and send him to his room.

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