Son of Maestro

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Son of Maestro is a spanking story author whose stories often focus on the public humiliation of the character being spanked. His writings can often be found on the IndianOutlaw's Stripping Story Board. His stories are both F/M and M/F.


The main character of these stories is a shy, muscular-built handyman named Ted. Unfortunately for Ted, who is in his early 20s, the apartment complex where has just begun working is inhabited by quite a number of attractive, mischievous, young women who immediately begin to plot how to get Ted out of his clothes against his will with a key goal of spanking his bare butt and causing him whatever public humiliation they can get away with.

In the first story, Embarrassing Ted, the young man finds himself nude, save for a jockstrap, in front of a young woman, Sandy, who had slyly loosened the drawstring on his sweatpants while he changed a light bulb in her apartment. While his sweatpants are at his ankles while he is standing on a ladder, embarrassed Ted is unaware that Katina, another young woman in the complex, gleefully witnesses his embarrassment through the window.

Son of Maestro followed up this popular story with Taking Ted's Trunks, in which Sandy and Katina scheme to embarrass Ted by leaving him completely nude and stranded in a hot tub and locked outside of his apartment. After Sandy leaves him stranded and nude save for his jockstrap, Ted ends up at the mercy Katina and her roommate, Patti. The college girls accuse him of being a pervert, so he lies and tells them it's a college fraternity prank.

But unknown to Ted he was set up. The girls insist that if Ted is indeed the victim of a frat prank, then surely it's expected that he receive a bare bottom spanking from them before given some clothes. They also autograph his bare bottom as proof for his fraternity, although the girls know Ted was lying about his nakedness being a frat prank. After being spanked, photographed and thoroughly humiliated by the college girls, Ted streaks back naked to his apartment, only to be spotted by another pair of young women who had just moved into the complex.

This all leads to another sequel, Ted's Revenge. Sandy tricks Ted into believing that the markers Katina and Patti used to write their names on his bare behind have a cancer-causing chemical in them. This eventually causes Ted further naked humiliation in front of a (fake) female doctor and several female assistants of hers. Ted's shame is exponentially increased while he is being transported from the doctor's office wearing nothing but a paper hospital gown when he encounters a bunch of young high school girls in the parking lot who are armed with camera cell phones. Does Ted's paper hospital gown even have a prayer of staying on in such circumstances?

As the most humiliating day of his life draws to a close, Ted eventually finds out that Sandy and the other women in the apartment complex who he thought had befriended him and were understanding of his predicament were actually behind his whole public humiliation. When the opportunity presents itself, he plots revenge. This time it's panties hitting the floor instead of jock straps and several of the girls find out exactly what it feels like being stranded totally naked in public with a bright red spanked bottom on display.

Weeks later, in Embarrassed Handyman Ted after Ted finally has worked up enough courage to show his face around the apartment complex another tenant, Danielle, learns of his misfortunes and coyly befriends him. Her plot is to partially strip Ted and leave him to the mercy of an all-female birthday party crowd.

In Ted's Embarrassing Halloween, Ted, who doesn't know Danielle set him up for a humiliating stripping and spanking in Embarrassed Handyman Ted, agrees to accept her invitation to attend a Halloween party. Unknown to Ted, however, is that Danielle is setting him up to be spanked by Sandy, as Danielle and her friends sabotage the threads in Ted's Batman costume. Although Ted won't be sitting down without pain for a while, unfortunately for Danielle the evening doesn't quite go as planned.

After suffering the most humiliating experience of her life, a furious Danielle vows to herself to get revenge on Ted at the first opportunity in 'Embarrassed Shoplifter Ted. Being forced by a rogue cop (who had rescued Ted in Ted's Embarrassing Halloween) to steak naked in front of a local high school football crowd and having your spanked bare bottom televised on the local news for your whole community to see does that sort of thing to you. Especially irritated by Ted's new-found smug and cocky attitude, Danielle intends to put him in his place once and for all. But how?

When Ted offers Danielle a ride to the local hardware and garden store, she reluctantly accepts. When they arrive, they find that two young teenage high school girls have been caught shoplifting by the female owner who half-jokes she should put them over her knee instead of calling the police. But the joking becomes a reality when Ted yells out, 'Do it!' After the girls are spanked and humiliated, the store owner warns the laughing crowd that had assembled to witness the punishment that the next shoplifter will be spanked bare bottom.

Danielle, still smarting from her shameful public exposure and annoyed by Ted's enjoyment of watching two young teenage girls, Brittany and Ashley, get spanked, secretly inserts a few small items into his tool belt while shopping. At checkout time, Ted is caught red-handed. The female store owner gives Ted a choice: face certain arrest or be publicly spanked.

Despite pleading innocence, Ted agrees to the spanking. Although the store owner allows Ted to auction off his clothes to pay for the 'stolen' items, he comes up short. Brittany adds an additional embarrassment to Ted when she insists on inspecting his shorts before making an offer. She spanks his butt several times to 'test' the thickness of the seat of his pants and after pulling down his zipper to 'see if it works,' reaches in and grasps his penis, giving poor Ted a very unwanted erection at the worst possible time.

Soon afterward, the owner follows through on her earlier threat. Ted ends up boxers down and bare bottomed against a wall being spanked as some twenty female customers hoot, laugh and scream. His humiliation, however, is increased ten-fold when Brittany convinces the store owner that customers pay a price for shoplifters too (in the form of high prices to make up for the losses). The store owner agrees with her new-found public awareness and accepts the girl's proposal: that all the customers also get to spank Ted.

Ted soon regrets he had gotten this young teenage girl punished when she brazenly grasps his very erect member in one hand, rubbing and squeezing it as she spanks his bare bottom several times with her other hand. Ted is not sure he can take the pressure she is putting on him any longer and the grinning, mischievous teenager knows this only all too well as she gives his penis one last squeeze.

When a thoroughly humiliated Ted is finally allowed to leave (but with only his tool belt on), a loud chorus a female laughter follows him all the way to his pickup truck, with camera cell phones continuing to snap away.

Unfortunately in his rush to get home, he is pulled over by a police car and two attractive female officers are only too happy to force naked Ted to exit the car and assume the position to be frisked as several shocked housewives take in the view. Meanwhile, Danielle drives by the scene, grinning and taking satisfaction at Ted's very public humiliation.