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A soldier is a person employed by the government of a country to enforce its national interests, mainly defense, but sometimes initiating or participating in a war. In military culture, a soldier is expected to show respect to his superiors in the form of addressing the superior in a formal manner and saluting them (only commissioned officers are saluted).

Traditionally, only males are allowed to serve as soldiers, although there were also female soldiers as well. In the armed forces of many countries today, it is not uncommon to find female soldiers, even though the majority are always males. There are restrictions imposed on female soldiers, however, including the duties they are allowed to perform, and the appointments they can take up.

In all armed forces, soldiers are required to wear uniforms, and the design of the uniform can vary, depending on factors such as the country, and the occasion during which it is worn (camouflage pattern uniforms are worn during battle and training, while more elaborate uniforms may be worn at parades and dinner parties).

Corporal punishment for soldiers[edit]

Military corporal punishment was common in many armed forces of countries from around the world, and was usually more extreme and severe than non-military corporal punishment. Typical punishment methods include whipping, birching, caning, and 'kissing the gunner's daughter' (in the British Royal Navy). There are also non-violent types of punishment, such as forced standing (for long periods of time, and sometimes under the hot sun) and physical exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, squats, running etc.

Soldiers giving corporal punishment[edit]

Austrian band of soldiers punishing a seized prostitute.

Soldiers also give corporal punishment, be it to other soldiers or to civilians. At times of war, various war crimes tend to happen which also often involve forms of corporal punishment.

Soldiers and playful spanking[edit]

The image below (from a vintage postcard) shows Swedish soldiers playing the spanking game "Spänna kyrka" (Hot Cockles).

Soldiers in BDSM[edit]

In BDSM, a soldier may be seen as a symbol of authority, but also as a submissive person. Military uniforms are also gradually gaining popularity in certain fetish cultures.

With an increase in the number of females in armed forces around the world, many spanking media (videos, pictures, stories etc) now feature female soldiers being punished by another soldier (usually male) of higher rank (and, rarely, the other way round).

Spanking videos[edit]

  • The Pain Bar at the Boot Camp (PainGate), photos

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