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Sokoly (Russian for Falcons, spelled Cоколы in Cyrillic) is one of the two main Russian spanking forums (with Crime and Punishment being the other). It is online since 2006. Some sections of the forum like Spanking Stories and Spanking Psychology can be viewed by guests, reading others require registration.

Forum sections[edit]

The Forum consists of the following sections:

  • Main section - general spanking topics;
  • Other BDSM-related topics;
  • Spanking Stories - the literature section where Russian speaking authors publish their stories, novels, poems, etc. It also includes a «Contests» subsection where a spanking story contest is carried out twice a year - usually in April/May and November/December. Other contests are carried out irregularly like those for the best spanking hokku, best spanking rubaiyat, Short Story Contest, etc. There are more than 1000 spanking stories written by Russian-speaking authors from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, USA, Canada and other countries;
  • Interview - the section where members can tell others about themselves if they want to, and answer the questions;
  • Spanking Psychology;
  • Questions answered by moderators;
  • Links;
  • Classified ads:
  • Hodgepodge (with a political discussion subsection, much to the dislike of most of the members);
  • Technical support;
  • Congratulations;
  • Implements and other hardware;
  • Contests (best spanking caricature, best home-made implement, etc.);
  • Flood - anything goes here.