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Miya sobs and begs for mercy in Miya's Severe Hairbrushing from Southeastern Woodshed.

Sobbing is crying aloud with convulsive gasping, crying without control. Due to its uncontrolled nature, sobbing is an advanced state of crying or weeping. Typically sobbing is brought on by grief or pain, when the crying is very emotional.

Sobbing also often comes with a state where there is too much liquid (snot, saliva) in a person's nose and mouth, which makes a typical noise is made whenever breathing in. After a person has calmed down after sobbing, they usually need to clean their face and blow their nose.


Dacryphilia (also known as dacrylagnia) is a form of paraphilia in which one is aroused by tears or sobbing. The term covers all forms of pleasure from the tears of others. The arousal is achieved when viewing a person in emotional distress. It carries the theme where a person (often a top in a BDSM relationship) induces another (the bottom) to cry, or otherwise show a strong emotion.

Sobbing and spanking[edit]

Sobbing would be a typical reaction of a child getting a spanking. The sobbing would probably turn into bawling.

In consensual spanking, the spankee may experience crying from the pain of the session. In a spanking, the spanker may bring the spankee to tears and crying with a variety of spanking implements and humiliation. For example, the spanker may apply strokes for 10 minutes, then send the bottom to corner time, which is designed to humiliate the spankee.

The spanker may recall the spankee from the corner, then increase the force of the spanking. A new implement may be used. This is intended to push the bottom into a sobbing state. Once sobbing begins, the spanker will need to monitor the spankee who may be on the brink of breaking down mentally. The spanker may want to tell the spankee to compose him/herself.

By agreement, sobbing may be the mutual goal of the partners. Pushing the bottom into a sobbing state and maintaining control requires a moderate level of spanking experience. Devices, e.g. a more difficult position, may be employed to increase fright and induce sobbing. A simple admonishment about the misdeed may remind the spankee why he or she is sobbing.

It may take an hour and several positions to push a male spankee into sobbing.

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