Slumber Party '57

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Slumber Party '57 (1977) is an R-rated adult drama starring Debra Winger, Noelle North, Rainbeaux Smith, and Mary Ann Appleseth. It is noteworthy for being Debra Winger's first film appearance, including some topless scenes.


In 1957, a group of six young women get together for an old-fashioned, girls-only sleepover party at the home of one of the girls. After some skinny-dipping in the pool, they each share stories about their sexual adventures which are recreated in flashbacks.

Spanking scene[edit]

Noelle North's character flashbacks to when she got caught having sex by her irate father. He roughly yanks the naked girl over his knee and delivers nine vigorous hand smacks. During this, the camera slowly pans down to the girl's face, revealing she secretly enjoys being punished.

At the conclusion of the story, Debra Winger's character adds: "My father used to spank me. It kinda hurt, but it kinda felt good. You know what I mean?"

This is a very rare example of spanking masochism in a mainstream film (see Slaves in Bondage).

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