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A slave is a person who is the legally owned property of another person and is forced to obey them.

Slaves in antiquity: Slave Market, painting by J.L. Gerome (1866).
19th-century illustrations of European women branded and tormented by Arab slave traders.

Outside BDSM[edit]

Slaves are trated as "property" and forced to work. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase, or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation.

Slavery has existed, in one form or another, through the whole of recorded human history — as have, in various periods, movements to free large or distinct groups of slaves. On December 10, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which declared freedom from slavery is an internationally recognized human right.

In BDSM[edit]

Illustration by Chéri Hérouard from Cinglants châtiments (1932).
A slave girl chained in a BDSM dungeon.

In BDSM, slave is a role taken consensually. It is as such fundamentally different from the usual use of the term "slave", and BDSM play is usually unaffected by laws against "real" slavery.

The partner of a slave is usually called their Owner, Master, or Mistress. A slave is a submissive, but the term implies a more pervasive relationship than "submissive" does. A slave is almost always a slave to a specific Master (or Mistress). Occasionally, but rarely, a slave will acknowledge more than one Master. A master/slave relationship suggests one that goes beyond sexual scenes, and affects the day-to-day life of the people involved. It can be formally codified slave contract.

However, different people have different conceptions of the role, and may use it in different ways. There is no single accepted and definitive list of traits that a "slave" must possess, nor is there clear agreement on what distinguishes a "slave" from a "submissive".

Prison roleplay[edit]

Within the framework of an oldschool prison roleplay the part of the condemned "prison inmate" is the obvious equivalent to the slave. The inmate is stripped of all status and subjected to one or more overpowering and usually highly authoritative prison officers, warders or police officers carrying out the "prison sentence", setting up and enforcing the prison rules, each fulfilling the role of the master.

The inmate is typically wearing distinctive prison clothing, often without underwear and goes barefoot as a basic rule regardless of season. In contrast a prison warder usually wears a characteristic uniform decorated with proper insignia denoting their status. The warder is usually further geared up with a utility belt, having restraints and enforcement tool at their disposal and typically wears sufficiently robust footwear to render him or her relatively impervious to common impact as well as inconveniences of the environment.

The prisoner must always speak respectfully to the warders and address them correctly when speaking at all time. For a male officer an appropriate address could be "Mr. Overseer, Sir", for a female accordingly "Ms. Overseer, Ma'am (Madam)", shorter forms could be chosen as "Mr. Sir" or "Ms. Madam", down to just "Sir" or "Ma'am". The prisoner will be addressed by the warders at will, usually as "inmate", "prisoner", by the given prisoner number, a part of the name or a dimunitive according to whim.

Handcuffs, leg shackles and other forms of mostly metal restraints are frequently in use while the officers are free to administer typical forms of prison corporal punishment at will for any subjective observation of misconduct. At this the inmate is typically bound to unquestioning obedience in the face of the warders. As in reality punishments are oftentimes meted out arbitrarily and unfairly by the prison officers for intimidation purposes or demonstration of power while naturally the inmate cannot defend against it. Any attempts to refuse or resist against the officers result in more or harsher punishment.

Beating the soles of the prisoner's bare feet (especially effective on female offenders), the bare buttocks as well as classic forms of flagellation using a whipping post or frame are the most popular and common methods of corporal punishment in an authentic prison roleplay of an oldschool European character.

As in former times (see "Nell in Bridewell" depicting happenings in 19th century Germany) the corporal punishments can be administered "in public", meaning in attendance of privy and informed spectators who are discretely invited by the warders and usually unknown to the prisoner. Those do not neccessarily have to be part of a BDSM community, they only have to be interested or generally curious about witnessing a formal corporal punishment and of course reasonably discretional. Those usually witness the entire procedure, starting from the typically barefoot and sufficiently restrained prisoner being walked into the punishment area (e.g. bleak cellar room, work shop), to then getting uncuffed, stripped where required (e.g. prison pants pulled down to the knees, shirt or top removed in case of whipping) and securely restrained to the punishment device to be used (e.g. punishment bench or table in case of striking the buttocks or soles of the feet respectively). Before the scheduled beating actually takes place usually some time passes as the wrongdoings of the inmate are publically announced in detail and might even be discussed if questions are asked by the witnesses. Formalities may have to be gone through, such as signing specific non-disclosure agreements or other formal documents as filling out attendence sheets. The prisoner must then silently await his or her imminent beating while being securely strapped to the device with the targeted area of the body stripped down to the bare skin. The inmate is rendered totally helpless this way, being exposed to the public in a highly vulnerable state and being forced to bear the persistent peering of the witnesses. After the formal conclusion of the punishment the reverse procedure is eventually conducted, the usually weakened and exhausted prisoner is again handcuffed and shackled before walked off by a warder all the while under the gaze of the spectators. The variant of several added witnesses vastly increases the experienced humiliation for the prisoner and also lends an official and even more intimidating character to any form of punishment.

A slave contract in the form of a specific and detailed "imprisonment agreement" (the "sentencing") is usually concluded and signed by all parties directly involved, detailing the duration and respective rights and duties of the counterparts within the scene.

A prison roleplay is very popular in the form of an edgeplay with an established consensual non-consent and total power exchange. The warder will heed the safe, sane and consensual principle at all times. Therefore the prisoner retains virtually no rights and fully subjects him or herself to the (sufficiently experienced) warders for the scheduled duration with no possibility especially to prematurely abort the scene and to halt or break off any corporal punishment. Any kind of safeword is categorically ruled out and any attempt by the inmate to make the warder stop will even lead to a sharpened punishment. The warders will alone carry the responsibility of all actions that are carried out.

This variant, where the submissive actually becomes a prisoner for the scheduled duration with all consequences has been reported to be the most fulfilling for all respective parties partaking in this specific kind of roleplay. Similar to classic master/slave relations the imprisonment agreements can be repetitively or continually renewed, sometimes even turning into actual lifelong arrangements (the factual "life sentence")

Inquisition roleplay[edit]

The accused and incarcerated "witch" (most commonly the female part) also stripped of all status, strictly barefoot and wearing a form of sackcloth throughout, subjected to one or more all powerful "inquisitors" are other popular equivalents to the slave and master counterparts. Binding, shackling and different highly humiliating forms of castigation or torture using elaborate devices are essential parts of the inquisition roleplay. To increase the humiliation for the witch the addition of outside spectators can be agreed on to be part of the roleplay, either witnessing the interrogations and court procedings or simply gazing at the witch as she is chained in the dungeon. For the neccessary slave contract similar rules to the imprisonment agreement apply.

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