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Note: This article is about a posture. For other meanings, see Babysitting.

Sitting, or to sit, in the case of humans, refers to adopting a position in which a person's weight is supported by the buttocks rather than the feet, and with the back more or less upright.

Sitting is often done using a suitable item of furniture such as a chair, armchair, stool, barstool, bench, couch or the side of a bed, though children will often sit on floor or ground.

Sitting can also be expressed in passive as to be seated. An invitation to sit is often expressed as take a seat; as a command it is normally sit down.

To sit still means no fidgeting while seated, and to sit up is a deportment issue to sit without slouching.

Sitting and punishment[edit]


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Sitting is involved in a number of spanking positions, usually the spanker being the one who is sitting. The best known of these is probably the over-the-knee position. Sitting can also be involved in other punishments, such as time-outs.

Spankings are also often combined with the threat that afterwards the person won't be able to sit down (without pain) for a number of days.

Sometimes a spankee is made to sit on their sore bottom after a spanking, for example in school spanking scenarios, at home for doing their homework sitting on a desk, or on a time-out stool. Sometimes (mainly in fiction) this extra punishment is intensified by making them sit bare-bottomed, possibly on a special surface that is designed to add to their bottom pains.

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