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Chrisissy Sissy Maid, a crossdresser.

The term sissy is originally a relationship nickname formed from "sister" (much like bro for "brother"). It is also used as a pejorative term for an effeminate, un-masculine male.

Sissy men, sissy boys and sissy babies[edit]

In the BDSM community, "Sissy" is also used to refer to males subjected to forced feminization for humiliation and punishment.

It can also refer to males who like to combine ageplay with playing the role of the female gender - in other words, men playing the role of a Little girl (as an adult child, called in this case a sissy boy) or Little baby girl (as an adult baby, called in this case a sissy baby[1]).



Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Male or female? Artwork by H-bum

In the Internet/gamer culture, a male who can be mistaken for a female is also sometimes called a trap. This is not necessarily due to feminine clothing or hairstyle/makeup, it can also be due to a gender-neutral appearance. When a trap is drawn, photographed or videographed such that their male genitals are clearly visible, the image resembles hermaphrodite characters (see also futanari).


Artists who specialize in sissy femdom/malesub work, including spanking scenes, include Curtus, Barbara O'Toole and Kimberly Wilder.

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