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"Playing House", AI-generated artwork by Micha (2023).
A sister bringing her younger brother to a chair... order to spank him. Artwork by Mame (2017).

Sisdom refers to a dominant sister. It is a special case of femdom where the dominant and her submissive are in a sister-sister or sister-brother relationship. See also domination and submission.

On the artwork sharing platform Pixiv, the tag sisdom was created and first used by Micha, but the tag has been used on other platforms by other artists before.

Where does this occur?[edit]

Sisdom as an actual power relation between siblings[edit]

Siblings can be naturally more dominant or more submissive in their relationship, and their age difference will either work for or against their power relation. Light forms of sisdom are very common in families. More pronounced forms that involve authority, (dis)obedience, reward and punishment are rarer; these are more often found in fiction (see below).

Usually the dominant sister is an older sibling, and she can still be a minor or already an adult. Her younger sibling will usually be a child or teenager.

In the parent's absence, an older sister is often given the responsibility to look after her younger sibling(s) (like a babysitter), and in that context she might be also given the authority to discipline them in loco parentis when this is felt necessary.

Sisdom in children's roleplay[edit]

Sisdom is also often found in children's roleplay such as "house" or "school" in which they act out the roles of parent/child or teacher/pupil. Assuming such roles encourages children of all ages to verbalize and dare more dramatic activities than they would do in real life. This can include scolding and possibly even spanking their sibling, mimicking and perhaps hyperbolizing roles they may know from real life, books, stories and/or films.

For older youths who become curious about aspects of BDSM in the context of exploring their budding sexuality, (role)play with a trusted and willing sibling can be a relatively safe, low-threshold way for both to explore if such things are for them or not. If the sibling playing the dominant role is female, this is sisdom. Incest is, in a strict sense, no issue since D/s play usually does not involve any sexual activity. Still, the siblings can feel they break a social taboo as such play is, in a sense, sex-related. Also, if one or both of them are minors, consent is a legal and moral issue.

Sisdom in the BDSM world[edit]

The above mentioned things can continue into adulthood. Sometimes siblings become BDSM partners and sometimes they even act out their play in front of a camera (see video examples below).

BDSM fans and spankos who like to act out the concept of sisdom, but not with their actual sibling, can roleplay it with any partner of their choice by pretending to be siblings. This will typically, but not necessarily, include ageplay. It can be done as physical roleplay but also as online roleplay and even with an AI chatbot. In the latter case, the human player can either play the dominant sister's role or the submissive sibling's role, and the AI will, as good as it can, play the other part.

Sisdom in art and fiction[edit]

In spanking art and stories[edit]

Sisdom is a recurring theme in spanking art and spanking stories. An example of a spanking novel that features sisdom, among other topics, is Der Flokati.

In spanking videos[edit]

Sisdom is also a recurring theme in spanking videos. Here, the sisters and their spankee siblings are generally adults; they may or may not be ageplaying. Below are selected videos from various producers that feature real-life sisters spanking each other (see the sister page for more titles):

  • Setting A Better Example 2 - Skylar Rose Paddles Stevie Rose (I Heart Spanking, 2021), photos
  • Too Big for Her Britches (ATP Studios, 2021), Stevie Rose spanks Skylar Rose, photos

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