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Sierra Salem is an American spanking actress. One of Sierra's best friends in the scene is Samantha Woodley. She was previously the girlfriend of Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard but they broke up in April 2007.


Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment[edit]

CP-100 to CP-107[edit]

Chelsea Spanks[edit]


  • Spanking Sierra: The Sierra Salem Spanking Collection

Clare Fonda Productions[edit]

Spanked Sweeties[edit]

  • Sierra - Interview (Sierratalk) (clip)
  • Sierra - Dad's Belt For Drinking Beer (Sierrabelt) (clip)
  • Sierra - babysitting (Sierrababy) (clip)

Pay per view theatre: Spank Girls Cinema[edit]

SGC #11 to SGC #15[edit]

Dallas Spanks Hard[edit]

  • Sierra Salem's First Severe Spanking (clip)
    • aka The Prank
  • Sierra (clip)
  • Spanked Party Girls
  • Sierra Salem: Lost & Uncut

Firm Hand Spanking[edit]

  • Discipline Tutor (2008)
  • Natural Brats (2006), Samantha Woodley
  • Sierra Salem OTK (clip)
  • Sierra Salem Collection (2006)

Punished Brats[edit]

  • Spanking In The Modern Age

Shadow Lane[edit]

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