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Typical content of Shoujo Imageboard, a site dedicated to the depiction of little girls in popular culture.

Shoujo Imageboard is a Futaba-style imageboard dedicated to young female characters in anime, comics and cartoons. Maintained by Noman and hosted on the AnonIB image hosting network, Shoujo incorporates twenty seperate sub-boards, devoted mainly to the depiction of little girls in popular culture.

Housing a growing collection of screencaps, CG and manga scans, Shoujo's sub-boards specialize in ecchi-style imagery, usually (but not always) involving pre-adolescent and teenaged girls. While not exclusively spanking oriented, the site incorporates X/f corporal images from Japanese, Western and European sources. Other popular subjects include panchira, nudity and humiliation.

Anime characters featured on the site include Majokko Megu-Chan, Cutie Honey, Creamy Mami and Mahou No Mako-Chan (each of whom were subjected to various degrees of parental or educational discipline). American characters include spanking favorites Little Lulu, Little Dot, Little Audrey, and Li'l Jinx amongst others. Spanking art features most prominently on the Majokko, Toons and Gifs sub-boards (although the main focus is on panchira and ecchi).

In addition, the site also features original art by online illustrators Unit GX and Gauis Marius, both former contributors to the now-defunct Megu Chan and Glory Bee egroups (faux 'screencaps' from GM's Kagaya Hime Miho-Chan appear on the Classics sub-board).


Due to the vast numbers of trolls and flamers infesting the fubata subculture, Shoujo Imageboard is strictly moderated by Noman. Official Rules as posted on Shoujo's primary board are as follows:

  • female characters only.
  • moe, ecchi and mild loli acceptable.
  • no porn, hentai or guro.

Naturally, all visual material must be posted under the appropriate category, and photographs of real people are banned from the site. That said, visitors are encouraged to contribute new images to the various sub-boards, and requests are welcome anytime.


Anonib was shut down in late April 2008 amidst (unsubstantiated) claims that the FBI had seized the owner's hard drive. The network is back online as of May 2, 2008; Shoujo Imageboard has been re-established by chief moderators Noman, GM, and Y. The new url for the site is:

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