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Shadow Lane is an American spanking company formed in 1986 that produces and sells spanking videos, spanking novels, and spanking implements. They once produced the magazine Stand Corrected which featured still photos from their videos. The company also created a spanking club that organizes large-scale spanking parties in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company was founded by Eve Howard and Tony Elka. Howard began at Nu West, first appearing as a punished submissive in a few titles such as Eve Meets Her Match before going on to create Shadow Lane.

Unlike Nu-West, most of the company's books and videos emphasize the romantic/erotic aspects of corporal punishment. The company prides itself on being a female-friendly producer of products designed to appeal to couples. In addition, Shadow Lane runs a membership website with a chatroom and a spanking personals area.

Shadow Lane is also the name of a series of spanking stories written by Eve Howard. It has been described as a "Spanking Soap Opera". The stories were first published independently, and then included in various magazines produced by Nu West and later by the Shadow Lane company. They were later collected and published in book form by Blue Moon Books in 1995.

Connection to Pacific Force[edit]

Mistress Jacqueline Omerta and her partner Vinnie Spit, who went on to create Pacific Force, began as performers at Shadow Lane. Omerta appears as a Domme in the femdom features Beautiful & Strict and The Fem Dom Club.

Using the alias Joule Jackson, she makes a rare appearance as a spanked submissive in Enough is Enough and is well punished by Vinnie in Double Feature #3. She and Vinne also appear as extras in Heidi & Elke.

Vinnie plays a disciplinarian in Bad Girls Get Spanked, Naughty Mia, and Party Brats and gets punished himself in the femdom title Aunt Stella.

Industry celebrities[edit]

Dallas, of Dallas Spanks Hard videos made an early appearance in Love, Honor and Obey and later in To Have And To Scold with Sierra Salem.

Other notable actors to appear in Shadow Lane films include: Jennifer Brooks (of Brooks Applications), Amber Wells (of Punished Brats), Chelsea Pfeiffer (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), Clare Fonda (Clare Fonda Productions), Sarah Gregory, Kailee, Stevie Rose, Violet October, Madison Young, Alex Reynolds, Greta Carlson, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Niki Flynn, Alexis Payne, Kiri Kelly, Tanya Foxx, Stephanie Locke, Bobbie Tawse, Belinda Clark, Samantha Woodley, Jewell Marceau, Chloe Elise, and Kristie Imboch.

Shadow Lane has also formed a partnership with Clare Fonda Productions to distribute her video Exclusive Education.


Opening scene from Heirs to Misfortune.

Preview teaser for a Shadow Lane video.
  • After School Discipline - video