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A flogger is well-suited for sensation play.

Sensation play refers to enjoying spanking, corporal punishment, or other aspects of BDSM solely for the physical sensations with little or no psychological dimension.


When a flogging or spanking is given as a form of sensation play, there is no dominance and submission, it is not labeled a punishment and there is no roleplayed context—the partners just give, and receive, the flogging or spanking as a physical act. Sensation play typically starts light, increasing the intensity very gradually. This allows the spankee to relax into the sensation and "take it" well. Sexual arousal is not necessarily always an aim, but if it occurs, it is generally seen as a sign of doing it right.

Many people engage in spanking as a form of sensation play at some times and, at other times, in a different context, e.g. domination and submission.

Wipipedia defines sensation play as a 'carefully controlled stimulus to the human body so that it reacts as if it were actually hurt. This releases pleasurable endorphins, creating a sensation somewhat like runner's high or the afterglow of orgasm, sometimes called "flying". The sensation is related to but distinct from pain. Some writers use the term "body stress".'


Sensation play can involve whipping and spanking in any form, with a wide range of implements and in any of dozens positions. It can also involve bondage (the sensation of rope, cling wrap, and of being bound or wrapped up can be a sensual and arousing experience), biting, scratching, wax play, ice cubes, clothespins, etc.

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