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Self Spanking, artwork by Februaryleaf (2009).

Self-spanking video.
Selbstflagellation (Self-flagellation). This woman uses a mirror to watch her own birching.

Self-spanking is spanking oneself, rather than another person, a form of self-punishment. In self-spanking, the spanker and the spankee are the same person.

Self-spanking is an option for people who want to experience the feeling of getting spanked, but have no partner to spank them. The motivation for self-spanking is primarily the same as for any spankee:

Many spankophiles experiment with self-spanking as teenagers, or if they lack a disciplinarian to spank them. While many people find self-spanking less fulfilling than getting spanked by another person, for psychological and technical reasons, some spankophiles enjoy self-spanking in addition to being spanked by someone else, and incorporate both into their lifestyle.

Psychological issues[edit]

It requires greater-than-average self-discipline to follow through a self-spanking. It is naturally tempting to stop as soon as it begins to really hurt. Besides, the person will normally not experience the same feeling of passiveness and helplessness that comes with getting spanked. Overcoming these issues, however, allows for one of the advantages of self-spanking: the ability to tailor the severity of a spanking precisely to one's desires or needs.

Self-spanking is greatly enhanced with a strong imagination, if the person can place his or herself in both roles of a spanking. Part of one's mind is the spanker who is stern and follows through the spanking no matter what. The other part of one's mind is the spankee who suffers and wishes (in vain) that the spanking would end. Both roles coexist in the same mind.

Technical issues[edit]

Self-spanking can be technically difficult. Hand-spanking can be difficult, as it can require many, quickly-delivered spanks to make the spanking suitably painful.

Implements can be a solution to this issue. However, self-spanking with implements takes practice to be safe and effective, as the motion required can feel awkward and the person has to spank more or less without any vision of the target area. One can try to twist one's torso to catch a glance while spanking, or use a mirror, or even two mirrors.

A spanking bike is another possibility for self-spanking.


A possible alternative to enjoy the passive side of spanking without a (human) partner could be a spanking machine. In practice, however, those machines exist but are not common as they can be expensive and may also not match the buyer's expectations.

A theoretical alternative to enjoy the active side of spanking without a (human) partner would be a spanking doll, i.e. a doll that is built to be spanked and to show typical spankee reactions. Such dolls are described in spanking fiction (e.g. Melody's Stories). Simple spanking dolls have been produced as toys for children, but it is unsure if there are any spanking dolls that would meet an adult spanker's needs.

Some are not so much after the feeling of the impact of a spank, but the "after glow" after the spanking is over. One way to achieve this is with sandpaper. But this takes a minute or so to kick in, so be carefully in how much you rub, else you may emulate the aftereffect of a more severe spanking than wanted.

Self-spanking to test an implement[edit]

Giving oneself a few spanks is also a popular method to test a new implement, e.g. in a BDSM toy shop or at a spanking party. Makers of fetish films sometimes test implements on themselves to get an idea as to how much their models can endure in a proposed scene. The test spanks can be given e.g. on one's bottom, thigh, palm, or forearm.

Some people also use self-spanking as a substitute or supplement to spanking encounters with their disciplinarians.

Films and television[edit]

TV commercial for Axe body spray (c. 2008).

Heather Locklear on Scrubs.

Scene from Dinner for Schmucks (2010).
  • Ash's Christmas Present is an 8-minute self-spanking video that can be seen on


  • Merry Christmas From Shira! is a short self-spanking video posted on


  • The Wicker Man (1973) is a horror yarn in which a nude Britt Ekland performs a seductive song and dance that includes hand smacking herself several times. (In an interview Ekland revealed that her father punished her severely with a rugbeater until she was eighteen years old.)
  • Spanking, Spanking, and More (B&D Pleasures, 1990) — Kiri Kelly hand-spanks herself while reading an erotic novel. She is soon discovered by Tanya Foxx. The two girls then discipline each other in an extented F/F sequence.
  • Secretary (film) (2002) — Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the titular character, a timid masochist. In one scene she whacks herself with a hairbrush but immediately gives up, disappointed with the effect. The scene implies that she must have a dominant partner in order to arouse her feelings.
  • Scrubs ("My First Step,", 2:7, 2002) — In this television show, guest star Heather Locklear tries to seduce Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) by telling him: "We both know you'd love nothing more than to smack this fine ass". She then gives herself five hard slaps with her hand while groaning and adds: "Don't stop, Perry. Harder!" as she walks away. Later in a restuarant she repeats this performance in front of Dr. Cox.
  • House of 1000 Corpses (2003), the Rob Zombie horror film, shows a ghoulish serial killer museum. A display with an animated mannequin demonstrates how one perverted killer liked to paddle himself with a board studded with nails.
  • Dinner for Schmucks (2010); a woman tries to get a clueless Steve Carell to discipline her (see video clip above).


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