Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Secret Diary of a Call Girl (2007 to present) is a British TV series seen in the U.S. on the Showtime cable network. It stars actress and pop singer Billie Piper as a woman who leads a double life as a high-class call girl for an exclusive London escort agency. Each half-hour episode examines a specific aspect of her work and the way it effects her personal life. By day she is Hannah, an ordinary working girl. But by night she becomes "Belle" a sophisticated and compliant prostitute who becomes whatever fantasy girl her clients ask for.

The series is shot in and around London in a quasi-documentary manner with voice-over narration by Piper. She also occasionally speaks directly to the camera.

Two 8-episode seasons have been produced so far. The third season is currently in production.


In the fourth episode of the first season, Belle hires a professional dominatrix to visit her flat and teach her how to be a mistress for an upcoming BDSM session. Belle does this as a favor for her accountant who is a closet submissive.

The pro-domme tells Belle: "Speaking in very basic terms, it breaks down into cross-dressing, role play, Japanese rope bondage, dog training, maid training, dildo training, slaves, feet, and medical."

Spanking scenes[edit]

While instructing Belle, the dominatrix orders her male slave to take "Position 4". He assumes the on-all-fours position. She advises Belle: "The key is building up. Light spanking, light flogging, soft leather, increasing the circulation. Get it red. The fluid in the tissue acts as a cushion. Far less likely to split or bruise. Then you can go to town."

She then smacks her slave a few times with a riding crop and verbally abuses him (see video clip). He spends the entire session on all fours and licks the boots of his mistress while she converses with Belle.

Later, Belle has her session playing a dominatrix dressed in a black latex dress and corset. She gets carried away and loses control while beating and flogging her male slave with several implements. He has to use his safeword ("Red") several times before she stops. (They use the standard Green, Amber, Red signals.)

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