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Man wearing a kilt of the Clan Murray of Atholl.

Scotland is a constituent country of the United Kingdom. Scotland occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain and shares a land border to the south-east with England. It has a population of about 5 million and three officially-recognised languages: English, Scottish Gaelic, and Scots.

The two main cultural areas of Scotland are the Lowlands and the Highlands.

Tartan is a specific woven textile pattern that often signifies a particular Scottish clan, as featured in a kilt.

Spanking in Scotland[edit]

A Scottish birching table, 19th century.

Throughout history, Spanking was as common in Scotland as in the rest of the UK. Scotland also had judicial corporal punishment for a long time. In the year 1936, 230 juveniles under 16 years of age were ordered to be birched. See also whipping table.

The tawse[edit]

A two-tailed leather tawse with hanging strap produced for the BDSM market.
Political parody of Scotsman whipping Britannia with thistles, the emblem of Scotland. The anguished onlooker might represent the Church of England (c. 1750).

The tawse, a spanking implement that is a kind of leather strap divided into two or more 'tongues', originates in Scotland. It was preferred to the cane for school corporal punishment but used more commonly on the student's palms than on their buttocks. The Lochgelly tawse, produced by John J Dick (in Lochgelly, a town in Fife), is the most well-known for its high quality and severity.

Scottish spanking clubs[edit]

Scottish spanking video producers and performers[edit]

  • Highland Manor House (Clips4Sale site), formerly Domina Scarlet/Kick Productions, was created in 2021 by Mistress Scarlet and Bella Bird. Their videos feature F/F and F/M spanking and BDSM scenarios by a "strict Scottish Dominatrix and her young female submissive," plus Mistress Roxy Elixir and slave girls Mila, Georgina, et al. Scarlet is a professional dominatrix (home page). Her facilities in Glasow include a fully equipped BDSM dungeon, school room, suspension room, prison cell, and wet room for making videos and conducting private sessions with clients. Nearly every video stars Scarlet in the role of disciplinarian in a school, military, or dungeon setting.
  • Northern Spanking, based in Glasgow, was established in 2000 by fetish performer Lucy McLean and her husband and business partner Paul Kennedy. It is one of the biggest spanking pay sites on the Internet and features hundreds of M/F and F/F videos. The company is also closely affiliated with former U.K. spanking producer Bars and Stripes (now owned by Real Life Spankings in the Netherlands). Kennedy, McLean and her half-sister Amy Hunter, MacKenzie Reed, and other Northern Spanking performers also frequently appear in videos by Bars and Stripes.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Bedtime Hand Tawsings for Bella and Alisha, aka Bedtime Discipline for Two Curious Girls (Highland Manor House), striking the hand, photos
  • Bella Gets Spanked and Regressed (Highland Manor House, 2021), Bella Bird
  • Bella and Kendra Caned for Cheating (Highland Manor House, 2022), Domina Scarlet, Bella Bird, Kendra, exam, photos
  • Double Caning with Lady Amber (Domina Scarlet), F/M, photos
  • Gemma's Prison Judicial (Miss Sultrybelle), photos, video
  • Georgina's Bedtime Spanking (Highland Manor House), Miss Scarlet, Bella Bird, photos
  • Georgina's Detention, Part 1 & 2 (Highland Manor House, 2021)
  • Georgina's Mouthsoaping (Highland Manor House, 2021), bathing, photos
  • The Halfway House: Humiliation and Strappings (Domina Scarlet), photos
  • Hand Tawsing with Three Lochgellys (Domina Scarlet, 2021), femdom, photos
  • Honeytrap Academy #1: Initiation (Highland Manor House), Domina Scarlet, Bella Bird, Lady Phoenix, photos
  • Housemother Disciplines Lazy Georgina (Highland Manor House), photos
  • Katy v. the Canadian Prison Strap (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Katy Versus the Texas Prison Strap and the Smoked Dragon Cane (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Kissing The Gunner's D - The 5-Bar Gate (Domina Scarlet), Kissing the gunner's daughter, photos
  • Lisa Gets A Severe Tawsing For Being Late For Everything (Real Life Spankings), two-tailed Lochgelly Scottish tawse
  • Lola's Malaysian Judicial (Miss Sultrybelle, 2022), photos
  • Lola's Naked Punishment (Miss Sultrybelle, 2022), photos, video
  • Madame Uses Hairbrush, Strap and Lochgelly Tawse (Domina Scarlet, 2021), femdom, photos
  • Maid Bella Gets Caught and Caned (Highland Manor House, 2021), French maid, mirror, photos
  • Miss Scarlet Punishes Lucy with the Cane (Domina Scarlet), photos
  • Navy Officer Strappings (Domina Scarlet), F/F, photos
  • Party Girl Bella Gets a Spanking and Fifty Strokes (Highland Manor House, 2022), photos
  • Scottish Office (Miss Jessica Wood Punishments, 2022), F/M tawse, photos
  • Singapore Frame Judicial of Katy and Lola (Miss Sultrybelle, 2022), photos
  • Singapore Judicial (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Singapore Judicial 2 (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Singapore Prison Cane - Double Judicial (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Sleepover Spanking (Highland Manor House, 2023), Mistress Scarlet, Bella Bird, sleepover, photos
  • Spanked With Her Flip Flop (Highland Manor House), pervertible, swimming pool, photos
  • Spanking Two Scottish Schoolgirls (Domina Scarlet), Miss Scarlet, Lucy, Emma, photos
  • Slave Girls Kissing Dildos (Highland Manor House, 2021)
  • Strictmoor Academy: Strictmoor in Scotland, Scene 1 (Sarah Gregory Spanking, c. 2021), set in 1962 with Dilan as Miss Honeysuckle, Clara Matthews as Miss Baker (photos).
    • The students are Helen Stephens, Amelia (Violet Haze), Isabella (Bella Bird), Phoebe (Mila Rae), Celia (Ash May), and Jessica (Faerie Willow).
  • Thirty-Six Strokes of the Lochgelly tawse (Domina Scarlet, 2021), femdom, photos
  • 3 Girls Versus The Singapore Prison Cane (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Together in Leather (Highland Manor House, 2022), photos
  • Trolly Dollies Caned, Strapped, and Tawsed, Part 1 (Miss Sultrybelle, c. 2022), Gemma Irons, Kat, Lola, stewardess, photos
  • Trolly Dollies Caned, Strapped, and Tawsed, Part 2 (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Trolly Dollies Caned, Strapped, and Tawsed, Part 3 (Miss Sultrybelle), photos

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