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A schoolyard is the school grounds outside of the school buildings; sometimes not including out of bounds areas.

The schoolyard normally consists both flat paved areas as well as flat grass playing fields.

Typical equipment[edit]

Schoolyards tend to have lots of open area typical set up to be easily usable for sports. As well as plenty of benches and are designed for sitting. Schoolyards designed for younger students (see Preschool, Primary school) normally have additional play equipment found in playgrounds such as swing sets and jungle gyms. Also the flat paved ares might also be painted for games such as "Squares" and Hop Scotch.

Schoolyard offenses[edit]

Schoolyards and spanking[edit]

While most school corporal punishments typical either take place in a office, classroom, or even the hall, some spanking fiction go for an on-the-spot spanking out in the schoolyard. This normally means an hand spanking, unless the guardian figure is depicted as a strict type that wander the schoolyard with spanking implement in hand.

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