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Vintage F/F spanking photo, schoolgirl setting.

The term schoolgirl is used to describe a girl who attends school. Schoolgirls are typically aged between 5 and 19 years. Preteen schoolchildren are called "pupils" in some places; in other places, all schoolchildren are called "students".

In many countries, schoolchildren must wear a school uniform, especially in private schools. A typical traditional girl's school uniform consists of a simple white blouse, tie, pleated skirt (in solid colors or plaid pattern for Catholic schools), white knee socks or stockings, and conservative black shoes (flats, Buster Browns, loafers, etc.).

Sexy schoolgirls in advertising[edit]

Peta: In 2001 actress Dominique Swain, who was 21 at the time, posed in the nude as a humiliated "naughty schoolgirl" for a Peta anti-fur print ad (and poster). The "Kindness is a Class Act" photograph shows Swain in a high school classroom writing lines ("I'd rather go naked than wear fur") repeatedly on the chalkboard. The composition includes many cliche classroom items, creating the impression of an ironic parody of schoolgirl fetishes.

The room was furnished with old-fashioned wooden desks and chairs, an ancient globe of the world, a stack of books with an apple on top, and an American flag tucked in the corner. Among all these stereotypical props, all that's missing is a cane or paddle to suggest an impending punishment. Nevertheless, the image carries a potent erotic charge, especially since it followed the release of Lolita, a controversial film in which Swain played a 13-year-old vixen.

Sketchers: For their 2003-2004 "Naughty and Nice" ad campaign, casual footwear company Skechers launched a series of provocative print ads featuring pop-singer Christina Aguilera. The singer appears in duel roles in each double-image photo. A classroom scenario shows her as a disgraced schoolgirl in a plaid uniform as well as a stern, smirking teacher brandishing a menacing yardstick. Here, the chalkboard writing reveals that her sneakers violate the school dress code. Unlike the Peta ad, a spanking punishment is clearly implied.

More information and images about both ad campaigns can be found in the Links section below.

"Schoolgirl" erotica and fetishism[edit]

Roleplaying as a schoolgirl on the UK television series Sugar Rush (2006).
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A lot of spanking enthusiasts find women dressed as schoolgirls especially attractive (and "spankable"). There exists a lot of erotic art, especially photography, on the "adult schoolgirl" theme. Such visual works are in fact the majority of pictures that come up when you do a web image search using the keyword "schoolgirl" and include pornographic photos, something you perhaps wouldn't expect under that keyword.

Japan: Schoolgirl uniforms are particularly popular in manga and anime, as well as in Japanese pop culture. These are typically in sailor suit style (セーラー服, sērā-fuku or sailor fuku). Such Japanese schoolgirl uniforms are also very popular in Japanese erotic and pornographic art, movies and literature. Since the 1970s there have been dozens of exploitation (pinku-eiga) films and film series about uniformed schoolgirls.

In a 2013 episode of the FX comedy series Anger Management, guest-star Lindsay Lohan is seen filming a product advertisement for Japanese television. For this she is dressed in an absurd-looking sailor suit schoolgirl uniform with bare midriff.


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A hooker roleplaying in a schoolgirl uniform from the telenovela Las vías del amor (2002).