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A teacher uses a yardstick on a student. (Ostra Studio, c. 1935).
Classroom illustration by Eric Stanton.
A holding still punishment using a school bell (photo by Asa Jones, c. 2022).

The stereotype of the schoolmaster (teacher/headmaster/tutor) as a punisher has been used in erotic spanking art since the earliest times. It is one of the most common corporal punishment scenarios.

This article is not about school corporal punishment in mainstream art, but only in non-mainstream creative works.


In this genre, we tend to find the following pairings:


The setting for this genre is typically a classroom. Props include school desks, chairs, a blackboard, blackboard pointer, books, excercise books, and other typical "school" items. In British and German works, the cane and the birch rod are the classic school CP implements, sometimes also the strap, ruler, or plimsoll, whereas in France the martinet also plays a role. In the U.S., the paddle is the most stereotypic school CP implement.

Compared to domestic punishment, school CP is more formal, which is one reason for the genre's great popularity. Another is the increased humiliation factor because it is more embarrassing to be chastised in a classroom, possibly in the presence of other classmates, than it is to be chastised by a parent at the greater privacy of the home.

Compared to judicial, prison and military corporal punishment, school CP is less formal though, and much milder.

Compared to real school corporal punishment, the spankings in this genre tend to involve a lot more nudity, and generally exaggerate the punishment and especially the humiliation part. Corporal punishment is often combined with other punishments such as wearing of a dunce cap, corner time, writing lines, or detention.

Art forms[edit]


Because of the long tradition of actual spankings and other corporal punishments in school settings, school spanking stories are a popular sub-genre of spanking stories; these employ school settings of various kinds (historical, contemporary, science fictional or fantastical) for spanking scenes. For example, several of Lurking Dragon's Melody series include school punishments, as do several stories by SamPast, Abel Jenkins and other authors. Also, several writers of fan fiction have inserted school spanking scenes in school settings where they are not to be found in the original, perhaps most often in reworkings of the Harry Potter setting.


Spanking novels, especially those from the "golden era" of early 20th century French spanking literature, feature school corporal punishment illustrations by talented illustrators.

Spanking photos, videos and roleplay[edit]

A schoolgirl is paddled in "Final Exam". View video clip at: Spanking Tube.
Classroom discipline (photo by Asa Jones, 2022).
Schoolgirls bent over desks (photo: Asa Jones).

Adult fetish "school punishment" scenes (usually of "schoolgirls" played by adult spanking actresses) are featured in many spanking videos. A Spanked Teacher (from Dallas Spanks Hard), offers a rare example of a real-life teacher, Courtney Chambers, being spanked (photos).

Subject-specific lists of school-related corporal punishment videos can be found at these pages:

Among adult spanking enthusasists, school punishment is a very frequent setting for roleplay and ageplay — so much so that a schoolgirl costume is a very common outfit at spanking parties. See also schoolie.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • From the Headmaster's Study: Immodesty (Lupus Pictures), video of caning scene with added slow-motion

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